Has anyone ever heard of Title365 Signings

Heyyyyy and Happy Monday. Has anyone ever heard of Title365 Signings? I googled or i tried to google one of the signing companies that you guys have worked with i do believe the fist name of the company is Sunshine? I typed the name in and this company came up?

Search here in bar up top, to the right next to your avatar, hover your cursor over the area and a magnifying glass will appear - search “Title 365” and the other one you probably mean is “Sunshine Signing Connections” (if that second one is wrong I apologize). Get a snack and a drink and read away.

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As @LindaH-FL shared

Okie dokie!! Thanks honeybun and Sunshine Signing Connections was the exact company i am referring to so you are correct and thank you again!!

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Very welcome, Bonnie and best of luck to you. It’s a rough time to try to get started now - read through the forums on this site for valuable insight and info about the current market.

BTW, wanted to add - any question you may have has probably already been asked and answered right here and it’s all there for the taking - just need to search keywords. Make sure you do a search for “worst companies” and “best companies” Save yourself a lot of grief.