Has Anyone Ever Worked with FieldChoice?

If so, how were they to work with?

Yes, I’ve worked with them many times, but it’s been a couple years. They pay in about 30 days, as I remember. You’re reminding me to give them a call and say, “What’s up?”

Couple dozen times, mostly 2017 & 18, pay m/l in 30 days. Fees have been all over the board depending upon stips, travel.
Stips all over the board, too. Sometimes docs sent to B, mostly edocs, lot of them do have scanbacks, but not always, pkg size from tiny to humongus. I don’t recall if they’ve mentioned everything in canudo call, so be sure to ask before quoting a fee.

I’ve done several signing for them and always get paid

I have done over 50 signings for them, have been paid for all of them… But I have to remind them that my fee is due within 30 days… Only had a couple that went over 30 days… I have no problem with them… I would give them a { A } rating.
I’m in Pennsylvania

Great company. I have the most signing with them at 1570 signings, Yes fifteen hundred & seventy, that’s not a typo.
They pay between $75 - $85. per signing, most of the companies I sign for pay $100. plus. Good team to work with and always pay on-time. Scanbacks are only required by newbies or is they have a new client and the client wait to feel worm and fuzzy with your quality of work.

I’ve been paid between $100 to $175… just saying

Great Company! They pay on time!

Yes many times, I recommend them. I like their portal and automated follow-up call to confirm signing was completed. Sometimes you need to ask the scheduler for more detail before you agree on a fee.

Really that’s not the norm. Where is your location? Sometimes I can press for more if there are extenuating circumstances. Most of the time they fuss if you ask for more and tell you they will have to get approval for which means they will simply find someone else to accept what they are willing to pay.

You must be out in the sticks, and the only Notary within 100 miles. In Orange county, Ca. that’s what they pay.

I see your in Mountain Home, AR 72653, the sticks. I’m doing a much higher volume with them. They are my lowest paying signing company, but I stick with them because they gave me my start back in the day.

Have you ever tried bumping your fee up–now that you have experience? While I’m definitely in the sticks, newbs still come and go here and companies still pay my fee (sometimes, but not always, after 1 go-round with the newb). All I’m really saying here is volume-pricing doesn’t work for NSAs–each signing has to provide a profit; there is no ‘loyalty’–only results and, as my experience with them indicates, they DO negotiate.

I just completed their application process a few minutes ago. I’m in Chicago, so we’ll see how it goes.

So, I get a call telling me they have a HELOC up to 50 pages with faxbacks for $75, things are slow so I said why not. It wasn’t it’s a Discovery refinance with faxbacks and so I told them I didn’t like being lied to and they need to change the fee. No apology for the lie, just a statement saying things are slow and they need to make money too, and there were other notaries who would do it for that. Needless to say, I told them not to call me anymore. If you work for people like this, you take away business from better signing companies who are honest and treat you better. I’ve worked for them for 3 years at the very least and this was how I was treated. Good people treat you good when times are good, but most importantly they don’t try to screw you when things are slow. Remember this is your gas, your paper, your ink, your printer, your time.

Yes, used to receive quite a lot of signings from them, don’t hear from them much now. Good company.