Has anyone heard of TitleClose?

The TitleClose Notary Marketplace is Live!

This company continues to ask me to join. I tried to find information on them, but it’s generic so I wasn’t able to. Plus there are no reviews… I have a weird feeling which is why I have not joined. They seemed very persistent to get me to join. Which caused me to not join, because I would have to send my background check and it has some personal info on it that I didn’t want to give them.
I’m just curious what if anything, anyone knows about them?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I, too, was sought out by Title Close. I researched and found nothing. I balked at price. I ended up not doing it. Registries and signing services shouldn’t charge much, if anything for a notary to be on their site.

Did a Search on TitleClose and found these threads:

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Same experience here; I’ve received several emails from them recently:

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You should never pay to be apart of a signing service or listing, then you are the customer, and you not see any orders. Good luck

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If there is a fee involved, view this and any other invitation with a very large, very red
flag. It’s an easy way for for crooks to make thousands of dollars. Just create a website, and promise signing jobs. Think about it…why should a signing company charge anything? Honest companies get a cut of the signing fee and don’t need to charge a fee. The crooks probably won’t even store your information. OBTW…they feed on newbies who are not aware of these scams.


I too and looking to expand my opportunities, but thought the $49. was steep. Anyone having any experience with this outfit please share feedback.

Thank you for the information, Ken. I logged on looking for information about Title Close also. They have been sending me emails for some time and decided to check them out. I was wary once I read their terms and conditions.

After reading the comments here, I think it would be safe to say that no one on this forum has used TitleClose.com.
I too get emails on a regular basis and tried to find reviews or information and nothing.