Has anyone replaced the fuser on a Brother printer?

I’m getting a message that the fuser needs to be replaced on my Brother HL-L6200DW printer. It seems to be an automated message based on page count from what I have read through google searches and there is no problem with print quality yet. Has anyone here replaced your fuser unit yourself? There seems to be lots of YouTube videos on how to do it and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth doing or if I should start thinking about a new printer. (Last time I bought a new printer- LOL)

Any advice would be so much appreciated! Thank you!

I never have but have read many posts on these forums about these issues. I have a Brother and a HP - from what I understand, when the fuser goes it’s cheaper to just replace the printer - unless you have a spare compatible printer on hand to swap out parts.


Shop around for third party parts, as they’re often cheaper than Brother’s OEM parts, then decide if you want to replace your entire unit. Ink Technologies is my preferred vendor.


I did replace one once. There are great videos out there on how to do it yourself.
I remember there being this one spring that had to be placed in order to work.

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I replaced the fuser on my Brother HL-L5200DW once. I followed a You-Tube video (playing and pausing and rewinding over and over) and eventually got it done. I, too, remember that one issue with a spring, but managed to get it right. Just had to believe that I could do it.


Buy a new one, recycle the old one at Staples! : )


I didn’t know I could I recycle the printer and was wondering how I would dispose of it. Thank you for that info!

You are welcome. Before you donate check parts life, you may want to save the toner and drum before recycling. Best!

Absolutely! Save the drum and toner but I’ve found that if you swap the toner from one machine to another many times it doesn’t work! The drum is interchangeable but the toner is not guaranteed. Staples has a $2 credit for drum and toner cartridges. It’s better than throwing them out and you can apply the credits towards any purchase. There is a limit to 10 cartridges a month but nowadays we rarely have to worry about that. If you are replacing your printer call the local dump, they might take them for free, office supplies stores might charge you but they will take the item. It’s very basic but never recycle your second tray unless it is broken. I have replaced my printer multiple times with the same second tray.

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Hi, I have been thinking of switching Intuit Quick Books for Notary Gadget so thought I would check the Notary boards to see if anyone here uses Notary Gadget, and if anyone has anyone used both Intuit and Notary Gadget and can they let me know what one do you think is better to use?

Thank you :smile:

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Quickbooks is overkill for Notary bookkeeping. I’ve used both Notary Gadget and Notary Assist with good results.

I use gadget. No complaints. It is important to be current on your books and they keep me current.