Has anyone slowed down this 1st half of January

Anyone slow out there for this 1st half of January?

I have been down 50% in November, December and expect it to remain this way in January. This is my full time profession.

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My business has slowed down in this first now 3 weeksu of January, but not in November and December like the other notary who replied to your question. I mainly do refis and HELOCS and my guess is that because most of the country is consumed with the holidays in December there probably were not as many people applying for refis and HELOCs then.
I looked in my 2017 calendar and my business slowed down last January too.
There also may be tax reasons that cause people to wait until after the new year to apply, but that would only be a complete guess on my part.
I’d say holiday gift shopping, arranging and receiving relative visits, throwing and going to parties, and just the different mind set the holidays bring does then cause business in January to slow down.

I will not speculate on the reasons why business is slow in January, but it has been for me also…as it was last January. It’s very frustrating when you have plenty of time on your hands and not enough jobs to fill that time.

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Yes, my business has slowed down over the last few months and mirrors the same period last year. Hope business picks up soon.

I was a mortgage loan officer from 1999 to 2007 and a mobile notary signing agent from 2007 to present. January is simply usually a slower month of the year. I personally don’t compare January to other months of the year, I compare January to what I did in January of previous years. So far, January 2018 has been better for me than January 2017 was.

Same with me. The past quarter was good and January only produced 12 signings. This week I have had 0 signings. Hopefully, I will finish the week with a couple. :))

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It’s still slow here in Mass. It’s picked up since Jan/Feb which was completely quiet. Things are still 50% off from April 2017. Refi’s have almost vanished with rates up. And with 3 future rate hikes in the forecast, this may be the new normal! Diversify your practice! -Adam

April was a good month for me in Virginia. I completed 21 signings. Average fee was 105.))