Has anyone used Notary Quest?

I am looking to sign up with more signing services and came across www.notaryquest.com in my search. They charge a yearly subscription for their service which I believe is kinda high they state:
( 1-Year Basic Membership ($39.00) Year Basic Membership: Your profile will be listed under up to 30 counties under the Basic Members by the original purchased date. Free Over 300 Signing Company List.)

I don’t mind upgrading my subscription on Signing Order for 2.99 a month as I have gotten my money’s worth out of them already. But paying this amount is questionable.

I have been doing this full time for almost a year and was approached by many agencies that charge a fee. I didn’t get signings from either one so I won’t be doing that any longer. Sign up with the popular sites that don’t charge, it will be money in your pocket.


I am with you on the fee. All these pay to play sites don’t guarantee work. I don’t trust them. Even if your profile is listed to to 30 counties, how does that help. The travel fees would be expensive.

Is Signing Order worth it ? It is only 3 bucks but I cannot get my credentials uploaded.

That’s what I thought… If I get regular business from them I would not mind paying the fee but to be listed on a directory that no one sees is a waste of time and money. As far as Signing Order, my experience with them so far has been great. I am less than a month in the business and between December the 16th and Dec 30 out of the 14 signings I did 6 came from that platform. So the money invested is worth it. I had trouble too at first uploading my credentials… what error message are you getting, maybe I can help guide you.