Has anyone worked for Clearedge Title?

I Have accepted 2 signings from Clear Edge Title , First one was to be a refi, (got docs with little time to prep them) When I arrived at the signers home and began checking the IDs, the name of the spouse was not what was on the documents, it was the name of the husbands EX-Wife! So it got rescheduled for the next week, and they sent me a message to see if I was still available. That Signing(even though I had to rush to get the docs printed (again sent late) went better than the previous one. Well deciding to give them a second chance, I took one last Wednesday for 11:30am, no docs by 9:30am. called and they had no idea when the docs would be ready, could be a few more hours! I unfortunately could not wait because before I even took the assignment, I had FINALLY be scheduled for my Covid vaccine for that afternoon. The lady put me on hold and came back to say ok he is assigning it to someone else. Ok no problem, I understood that. That was on the 4/21, on 4/24 !see an email that I received late on 4/23 that the appointment time for that signing had been changed to 4/26/21 @ 11:30 (not can you update your availability for this signing) I already had a 4pm assignment on my calendar so Figured it would be ok, well again no docs were available 2 hours out and when I called I am told, well you will have to do this later in the day when we get the doc! I explained I already have an assignment scheduled for the afternoon…Needless to say, this company does not impress me, and I did tell them to remove me from their list.

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I did a closing with them through coast2coast and I didn’t have no problem with the…the closing group and timios I had problems with them with late docs.

did a closing for them 2 weeks ago went well doc was ready a day before closing waiting to get paid will see what happens

they contacted me i never heard of them before i accepted because the closing was close to where i live about 25 minute drive they offer me $125.00 for about 150 page refi.


Yes, I’ve had good experience.


I had a signing with them in June and was paid on time…

I was mistaken- payment isn’t due until the 18th. If it doesn’t show up, by DD, I’ll post that here.

I do alot with ClearEdge…they were previously know as Meridian Title, they are fair to me


I did a signing with CE title last week. I have only gotten two emails from them. 1 with the assignment details and the other with the docs. I followed all the instructions and sent the scan backs along with the FedEx receipt and my invoice. I have not heard a peep from them. Zero acknowledgments to my three emails. This seems so odd since most companies micromanage. I am just concerned about them paying me. I am actually happy to not be micromanaged. Should I be worried that they won’t pay? I don’t even know when they pay.


They do pay. ClearEdge Title is one my fav title companies. I only did 5 signings with them so far(I wish I had more).

Btw, I did NOT have to invoice them - they automatically pay🙂


I got paid!!! And it was under 30 days! I will now definitely recommend ClearEdge Title, aka Meridian. They do not micromanage and they pay!!!


ClearEdge contacted me directly not through Snapdocs. I would be nervous, too. I would reschedule just based on time printing docs. Two hours to go is ridiculous unless they live across the street from you. Good luck!

Did you ever get paid? I have done several for them and they pay on time and pay a decent amount.

Yes, and promptly! I definitely would recommend them.

I have done signings with them, and I have 1 tomorrow with them. Good company

Clearedge is a good company. I have completed several closing for them, mostly loan application.

Clear Edge Title is a good company to work for, they alway pay me in a reasonable time, always pay me a decent fee, (No lowballs) and in the middle of this critical situation the still sending me steady work, treasure them!

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I have emailed twice and finally called looking for my 1099 so I can finish up my taxes. No response to the emails but I was told that they do not send out 1099’s and I will need to get one from the lender. I Informed them “they” paid me not the lender!! Pulled all my invoices and checks paid by them for documentation and I will be calling the irs to figure out how to file their income on my taxes…

@LindaKauffman first of all, they are required by law to issue a 1099 only if they paid you over $600 - if it was under it’s not required.

I never waited on 1099s to file - I kept my own records of income and expenses and used those numbers, considering most GNW customers don’t issue 1099s either. I know you’ve been in business for a while, so you should have a good bookkeeping system in place to track (a) who paid you, (b) how much, (c) how much was notary fee vs how much was signing fee (notary fee being exempt from SE taxes). I always kept a ledger with columns - all my totals were right there.


I do keep my own records and finally entered the payments into misc. I just think they should not be telling notaries to call the lender for a 1099…that they should be issuing…bet that would go over good. lol. taxes filed and ready for next year.

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I’ve worked with Clear Edge for almost 2 years and found them easy to work with. They always paid when they said they would.

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