Has anyone worked with EMD settlement group?

I have received two assignments so far. The first was far and started rocky.

I have worked Beth and Janet several times and they are great! Payment is usually received within 25-30 days from completion. Btw, if you take care of them by being professional and completing the job without issues, they will call you first every time if there is work in your state.


thanks so much. Now I feel more secure working with EMD.

I have also worked with Beth and Janet and they are great, they are really the only ones keeping me busy at this time.

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I agree both women are wonderful even when the day does not run smoothly. I wish I had that drive everyday.

I have worked with them for years. They are pleasant and professional. Never a problem getting paid.

I have taken lots of work from them and they are great. No problems at all.

Well/ that just leaves payment. How are they? $125 maybe?

I can highly recommend this company. Beth was great to work with!

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Any idea how to register with them? It’s not readily visible on their site.