Has anyone worked with OneNotary.us?

I received an invitation today via text for a webinar they are having Saturday the 25th - anyone else receive this, and/or anyone deal with this company in the past? Thank you for your time

Googling… it’s a RON platform.

I have done about thirty online notary signings on OneNotary.US. I started in June as a beta tester. It is very easy, clean, and notaries are paid every Monday for the prior week’s work. It is good for general notary work. I am also on DocVerify and Signix and this one is definitely the easiest and least expensive. The people signing find it pretty easy, too. One the other platforms I have to get them on the phone and hold their hands through every step. With OneNotary I can send them their e-mail link and the signer can handle the instructions, license photos, and KBA questions without any help from me. Saves me a lot of time compared to the others.


Good day Texasonlinenotarypub!

I’m wondering if you are still doing online signings with OneNotary.us and if so, how are things going? I’m a newbie notary and it looks as if the covid has changed the market-place when it comes to doing online signings. Any words of wisdom regarding online notary signings would be much appreciated.

Thank you

what is the average fee?