Has anyone worked with or interviewed with Title Forward?

I have a mock closing with them coming up. Just looking for any quirks. They are just moving into our market.

Can you give us more information about this company, please. Why are you doing a “mock closing” for them? What product do they promote? Is it mortgages on homes or something else?

It was an interview to close real estate transactions for them. Easy Peezy. Actually a smart idea so they know they are hiring a seasoned closer

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Yes I have and yOu can’t be one minute late even if the delay was due to them sending you docs late!

Thanks, good to know. Wow, opens me up to many questions… Are they late often? What are the repercussions? Are they good to work for? What are your suggestions? I don’t think there are printers at the rented office space so what have you done about late documents?

Imcloser, where are you located? Are you in Texas? As for late docs, when you accept the assignment, let the hiring party know what your drop dead time to receive docs is. Tell them if the docs are late then the appointment will be late. You’re not their employee - you’re an independent contractor. They can’t give you orders like they would an employee. Look up Independent Contractors on the IRS website. There are certain things a company cannot do when hiring an IC, otherwise, the IC would be considered an employee and the company would have to pay employment taxes.

You are correct they use Regis offices and do not send the docs there to be printed…if you are late they fire you - even if the reason you are late is due to the docs being sent to you late.

Do you work for them now? Darn, does not sound promising. Most lenders are fairly good getting docs out. Their policy does not sound quite fair. Are they late a lot? Even after printing you still have to drive to the location.
I have only completed a mock closing. I was told I would be closing for them but still have to complete their training. Is this mock interview and training new or did you go through that as well?

I worked for them for several months (poor pay scale) …all was OK until they got really busy and their scheduler kept sending multiple change notices on every single closing - it was an extremely busy time (unlike now) but I kept up …one day docs never came in on a closing (that was around an hour away) until it was 10 min before the closing…and they do not give you any contact ph numbers to call the borrowers, seller, or the agents to let them know you will be late…you have to ask the title agent to call and let them know…so I asked him to call them and let them know I would be late and he said he would … but remember it was a busy time…he forgot to call the agent …and there were 2 different constructions sites I got held up in…when I arrived 1.5 hours late the agent complained that no one called her to let her know…I explained what happened… she was livid and made a big deal about it with Title Forward (even thought is was not my fault) …the manager that oversees the closers called me a SCREAMED at me for over 15 min and would no allow me to talk or explain…I was fired then and there!

That should have read "even though it was not my fault)

Doesn’t sound like a company I want to do business with.


Wow, I find their pay scale higher than others in the area. Maybe different for different areas? I am going to try working with them and see how it goes. I always try to be 15 minutes early for closings. I know some really get hung up and thanks to your information I will to be aware of this quirk. If it works great, if not…I will just move on.

Hmm take that back. Higher only if you’re closing both sides. Because I need to print the package if your only closing one side, I would typically charge more. I was lead to believe something other than what the contract states. That bothers me! I will be taking this a step at a time. I do have other companies that pay the same or better and some not, depending on the closing but for none of those do I have to print docs. I will definitely be choosing wisely just as I do now.

I heard the manager that SCREAMED at me, is no longer with them, he got fired for poor job performance! Good Luck I believe it should be a much nicer experience for anyone who works for them now.

BEWARE OF REDFIN! Wow. I am glad that didn’t even allow these guys to pull my credit report. I was also approached by Redfin. They set up a “mock closing” with a rep from Title Forward. I did the mock as well as sat for the hour long process explanation by the Title Forward Rep. IT WAS ONLY AFTER THIS PROCEDURE that they said anything about needing to do a background check that only requires an SSN trace. They sent me to HireRight where I read an application and within the very vague description of the information, it sounded to me like they were doing a full background check including a credit check. I’m getting ready to buy a house and have good credit. The last thing I need is another inquiry to drop my credit score. So, I contacted HireRight and they assured me that they were going to pull a credit report. I again contacted Allison at Redfin and she lied to me and said there was NO credit pull. I called HireRight back and was assured by the corporate office in California that the contract between HireRight and Redfin did require a credit check. BEWARE of REDFIN! My background is 23 years as a mortgage loan originator, NMLS# 360123. I have been a Notary Signing Agent since 2002 and completed over 300 signings in 2018.


I just posted my experience with Redfin/Title Forward. What has your experience been like with them?

I had to go through all of their qualifications for hiring as well. Was an originator, had a mortgage origination company, underwrote fraud for FNMA, and taught an LOS program across the nation and still had to go through the same steps. Been in the business since 1982. They are very regimented in their process, which I really did not care about. Took them a long time to actually communicate with each other as to who was to send me what I needed to start closing for them. I find that the most troubling. NO communication! I have their I-pad conducted a few closings for them. It has always been in a bad location with bad internet service. You have to have good internet service at the closing. Long story short…you can jump all the hoops you want and it won’t do you any good. Last call I turned down. Wanted me to travel 75 miles one way to close the seller side, which does not pay well so I told them I needed more and never heard back. If they would have had me close both sides I would have done the closing because the pay is better. Have not heard from them since and still have their I-pad. A lot of the title companies around here don’t like working with them. They are from Pennsylvania and don’t understand how the tittle companies around here do things. Not chasing them.

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HI Imcloser. Any updates? Also, Did they keep you pretty busy with assignments? I am in the TX area and they said it’s “booming” here and that my schedule will stay filled with their closings.

I had a mock closing with them last week and I have a ‘training’ session this week. I am a retired LO as well. I attended my closings for 25 years. They told me that South Jersey was booming. I won’t tolerate being yelled at for something that is not my fault, I won’t be yelled at for something that IS my fault. That is not good management. My ex boss and I still talk today, in the 20 years I worked for him, we had some arguments but he NEVER yelled at me. That is not acceptable. I’ll give them my time this week for the training and see what happens. I will ask what the time Frame is to receive packages and I will make note of it.
Wish me luck!! Ciao!

I have a mock interview on Tuesday, did you sign up with them yet