Has anyone worked with Signature Closures?

I just got a generic text message from Signature Closures and they ask me do a signing has anyone ever worked with this company? And what were you experience with them?

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I finally got a job from them today, after they’d called a few times… They are four stars at Notary Rotary Signing Central.

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Let us know Susan when you close and how long it takes to get paid. Awesome to have work! :grin:

I sure will, Carrie. It was slow, then started picking up. People are finding me on the site, which is pretty cool.

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They are fantastic!!! Your pay is Auto deposited on the 4th of every month!! They pay $85-90 per signing
I love them!! Download their app


Signature Closers is great to work for but, in my experience, hard to get jobs from them (at least in my area). They email blast all of their offers or by notifications on their mobile app. I’ve responded immediately (within a few seconds) and the job was already taken. You really have to be quick (and lucky) to get their jobs. They do appear to give the job to whoever responds first. In the few instances where I got a job from them, I received an instant confirmation email after I “accepted” the job offer.


Fantastic company - one of my favorites. Met my fee, paid timely, always there to support but do not handhold - always looked forward to their calls.

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I’ve only gotten calls, which is pretty cool.

I’ve had several signings with them. Easy to work with and pay in a timely fashion. Wish every company was like them.

Thank You for your response everyone.

I actually did a job for them on Friday. They were friendly, clear, paid well, and I hope they keep calling me!

I like Signature Closers. Like others have said, they do send a lot of assignments via text which folks grab quickly, but they also call as well. When they do call, you can often negotiate your fee over the phone versus waiting for a text response that may or may not come. They pay promptly on the 4th or 5th of every month. And they are friendly and knowledgeable. Give them a try.

I used to get a lot of work from them when they called for assignments…not so much now because I don’t see the emails right away. They have always been good to work with.

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I work for Signature. They are great to work with. Always pay on time.

It’s very frustrating since they started emailing assignment opportunities. If you’re not watching your email the second it comes in, you’ll lose out. Even if you do respond immediately, it’s often already taken.

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I finally got called, no email offers.

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Signature Closers is one of the best out there, Ive been working with them off and on since 2012, however in the last year I’ve noticed my orders with them are minimal, I think they found a cheaper notary in my area. But they are really good to work with…Love love them…

Worked with them for several years. Absolutely great. Good luck.

I have performed many signings with Signature Closures and have been pleased with their payment schedule. They do pay promptly.

Yes, They are good to work with pay is fair and timely.