Has anyone worked with Sunset Notaries through NotaryDash?

I accepted an appointment yesterday for Sunset Notaries through NotaryDash. It was last minute but close by with reasonable pay, so I decided to give them a try. After completion, I requested contact information and payment terms but haven’t heard back. Hopefully I do not have any issues collecting payment. Anyone have any experience working with them?

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I have yet to be paid by NotaryDash, the owner just had a podcast saying her service makes over 5mil a year… yeah buy low balling and holding payments.

Well, I just completed two from NotaryDash, one for Sunset Notaries the other for Prestige. I sent them both an invoice directly, hopefully I don’t have any issues. I will update.

Prestige Notaries, Notary Dash and Shasta Notary all owned and operated by the same person…

Just a little tidbit for you


So you’re in Florida, Linda???

Did you send an invoice??

Hello All - we’re barley getting signed up with all of the notary forums and stumbled across this one.

Angelina - we hope that you were satisfied with working with us (Sunset Notaries). We do have a 30 day policy, however try to get payments out within two weeks by e-check.

I also wanted to clarify that Notary Dash is a signing portal that signing services use. Hundreds of signing services use them and notaries sometimes seem to get confused and think Notary Dash is the one paying them.

Be sure to notate on your Notary Gadget or however you’re organizing your signings the name of the signing service and gather contact information incase a service doesn’t pay you on time :slight_smile:

As for our history, I’ve been a notary public for over 10 years and recently decided to start a signing service and launched it in April.

We pay our notaries even when we don’t get paid, as we know how disappointing it can be when signings don’t close. We always appreciate feedback and hope to engage more on this platform.

Best Wishes To All!

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Hello l not been paid for a signing that l did on
Apr 5, 2021
We’re I can send you invoice?

You were paid on 4/29 and check was cashed on 5/17.

Next time, please reach out to us or anyone else directly as comments like this can tarnish an agencies reputation.

  • Alejandra Llamas of Sunset Notaries

Yes Beware everyone! I have been also trying to reach them for payment and nothing. The guy is on instagram bragging about all the money he makes but it’s because he doesn’t pay out his notaries for the work they complete.

They do not pay. They don’t have integrity. Notaries be beware!! Do not work for this company. I also have not been paid and they do not respond to any emails and lie that they have sent payment.

I don’t believe you paid her because I also have been trying to collect payment for notary services. Notaries do not work for this company!! Unless you wanna work for free.