Heads up! Signature Closers & your 1099 NEC

In your Acct. with them, there is a link to your 1099 NEC in the upper right corner. Apparently, they don’t send it to you or notify you that it’s available.


Well as I said elsewhere - you know they are required by law to either send it to you or make sure you’re notified how to get it - otherwise IRS will be all over them - a company that size wouldn’t be able to claim monies paid to subcontractors as a deduction on their tax filings unless they filed 1099s for all of them- and yes, by law they’re required to issue a 1099 for anything over $600

Well, it’s still early and the USPS has been very slow lately, so it could still be ‘in the mail’.
I don’t know anything about their process, but just happened to stumble into it while picking up docs. As of 1/24, I only have received 2. Lot more to come.

Think they extended the cutoff time for sending them out til mid-February as opposed to 1/31

I’m not seeing one in my account. I didn’t do more than $600 so perhaps they aren’t issuing the if you didn’t :thinking:

i received an email that it was avail

I haven’t received one neither :thinking:

3rd year with them (and/or their affiliated companies). Never had an issue. They post the link for those looking to file early (convenience) but you will get a hardcopy because its the law. If you get neither, its because you didn’t earn $600 or more with them during 2020.