Hello and Happy New Year All

I would like to know if there is a list of good companies to sign up with?

You replied to the giant topic “Best Signing Companies” 41 minutes ago and made this topic 6 minutes ago. I’m confused. That’s literally the list.


I thought I was making a general request, didn’t notice that. Thanks…

Happy New Year everyone - every notary organization has a list of Title Companies and Signing Services they are most familiar with - Notary Rotary, NNA, Notary Forum, Notary 1,2,3 , American Association of Notaries, Notary Association of America, American Assn of Notaries, Notary Signing Agent Blueprint.com
etc. The best way is to do your own research also you can join SnapDocs as they work with hundreds of different signing and title companies, You can also submit your name to Attorneys if you are in an attorney signing state as I am in NC - do your due dilligence man - it really pays off. Again - have a Happy New Year