Help First HELOC tomorrow morning and confused

I am a first time signing agent and i have a HELOC signing tomorrow morning i am a bit confused where it said Agent Mortgage for certifying residence that is not for me to sign nor the borrower is that right , as well as where it says settlement officer to sign for the instructions to Escrow/title/closing agent would that be for me or are they both for the company to sign?

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Those two spots are not for you to sign. (Agent Mortgage and Escrow title officer) Exactly as they’re titled is for mortgage agent and Escrow officer. HELOCs are one of the easiest loan docs out there.


Alright Thank you so much Im very new at this and its all confusing for me

agreed! Just had my first HELOC signing and it was so easy. I used to avoid these appointments,but now I know that they are so easy, straight forward, and not as big as a purchase or refinance. I wish I had more of these.


You will not be signing the loan documents at all only the client will where it has their names printed as borrower and co borrower. everything else is for the closer the lender/title company. The only spots you’ll be signing is your Natory documents where you notarize.


Do the borrower/co borrower initial the bottom of each page?

Only have them initial where indicated on the doc…if no specific instructions or place to initial, then don’t


The title company is sending the docs directly to the borrower, is there anything I should ask the title company regarding docs? I won’t be able to look them over before the signing… any insight would be most helpful

Just treat it like any other loan package you’ve done - except you’ll need a few minutes at borrowers’ home before you start signing to look things over. Just treat it like any other loan package signing you’ve done. You won’t have any questions for title until you see the package.