HELP/ REFI and Confusion

I have a Refi tomorrow morning. My first one. Do they send me the papers or do I print them out, There were none with the confirmation. Then…I am confused. It says Same day drop no fax needed. Then There is a Fax Back Sheet. Help!!!

Read your confirmation - does it say anything about “e-docs”? Usually they email the docs to you when they’re ready and you print two sets - one for signature, one to leave with the signers.

Same day drop no fax needed means you don’t need to scan or fax any signed docs to them - but they want you to drop that package the same day as the signing…

The FaxBack sheet is probably for title’s use to send docs to lender…

Call your hiring party for clarification

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I hope you got All your questions answered & of course Have your POC phone # ready! What Company sent you this Order/Assignment? Good Luck!