Hemingway Land Company

I’m curious if any other notaries are doing work for this land acquisition company. I have done two signings for them. They send the document to be signed, cash payment for the notary, cashiers check for the seller and the paperwork plus a self addressed stamped manila envelope to return the documents regular mail. I was quite skeptical as I have never in over ten years had a company send me a cash payment along with the documents. I googled extensively and learned that they buy property cheap from people that are willing to sell and resell it for a profit. One disgruntled customer was all I could come up with and no complaints or even listing with BBB. I made certain when I arrived that the signers were comfortable and clear about what they were signing and they indicated that they were. They no longer wanted the property and the property tax expense. I also made sure that they understood that I was in no way affiliated with the company but was contracted as an independent notary to notarize their document. So why am I posting? Well, I’m just curious why I can’t find anything whatsoever on the notary forums for this company and I would like to know if any other notaries are working with them. I still think it is an odd assignment and would like to hear others experiences.

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I was contacted by them and just received the document and cash payment, which I also thought was odd. I was a bit skeptical because there is so much fraud going on. Thank you for posting.

I’m seeing the same thing in my region. There’s been a significant uptick in individuals wanting to sell there appreciated properties to land developers. I’m expecting to see more this as things continue to grow.

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