Here we go again => please FIRST check all reviews on signing services

Hello everyone, before you do a signing with a new signing service please check all reviews.
STOP!!! and check YELP, BBB, Notary Cafe and Google and when they talk a hundred miles a minute, think twice.


Rai’s Mobile Notary is another service to watch out for.

Hope everyone is doing well.



I absolutely agree, now that I’m having problems with one of my services. But I have a question.

Maybe I’m doing this incorrectly, but… when I receive an alert on one of the platforms, I usually respond as quickly as i can to accept it if it’s a worthy offer (i.e. if it pays well enough and it not too costly to travel). Usually, I respond on their website from their SMS msg, which is how I get most of my alerts. Most of the time, it’s either “already assigned” (I wonder why they even bother if it’s already been assigned, but…) However, I do get the odd award of an assignment via this method. And I attribute those awards to my “rapid” response time. If I take too late to respond (i.e. if I take time to research the signing service and see if they’re good or bad), I’ll most likely lose the award. And it’s not like I’m getting a bunch of alerts in the first place.

So, when can you take the time to research the signing service (i.e. one you’ve never encountered before)? Do you do it before responding to the alert (and risk losing the alert)? Do you do it after responding “Yes” to the alert but before you might be awarded the assignment? Do you wait until you get awarded the assignment, only to cancel the assignment later on if the company is a JDFR, based on your research (assuming there’s enough time to do it - you may only get 1-2 hours notice after being awarded the assignment)?

At least, I can see via this forum, the services that are giving people problems and avoid them well in advance. I hope there will be enough services remaining to work with. I think the lull in the market may be causing these issues. I would hope that the greater demand for our services would result in being treated better and paid more on-time.

Wishful thinking, I guess.

In current market, yeah, wishful thinking. I kinda take issue with ‘awarded’ as it’s really more like ‘found a sucker’. If you accept and then research, of course you can give it back–BUT do that too often and it will probably have repercussions with that company. If you research first, you most likely will be too late. Guess it pretty much depends on how lucky you feel at that moment. And that, my friend, is the Problem with Platforms.


What else is there besides “platforms?” Direct relationships with title companies and signing services? “Prospecting” for said relationships? Networking? I would gather that’s a more “organic” effort and takes much longer. I hope to get there someday, but until then…

BTW, if I were to cancel an offer after a research, it would happen only once for that firm, as I’d never accept an assignment from them again.


There you go…you answered your own question.


Gloria, can you tell me the problem? They just contacted me about a $50 signing and won’t tell me what kind of document it is. Why the secrecy?

they don’t want to tell you what kind of signing it is because they are grossly underpaying!!! LOL


This was strange. I asked him 3 times what type of document it was. He answered other questions but not that one so I got suspicious. Then I finally said I can’t go until I know what it is. He got annoyed and cancelled it. Turns out it really was one document, a retirement fund document or something like that. On another site - I think it was notaryrotary, everyone says the same thing: they get paid $50 and they charge the client something like $400. Who wants to be involved with those scammers? Not me. Also, there’s no contract, no instructions and he pays you on Venmo. Sounds too weird to me. Is he just a single notary dishing out orders?


Here are some nightmare stories on Better Business Bureau’s website:

How does Rai’s Mobile Notary continue to exist? Has no one reported him?

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I did 1 signing for him. It was 1 piece of paper. He did pay thru zelle but i wont do another. He is rude as hell, he doesn’t tell you what the signing is for. I really dont know how he is in business with awful reviews. The only reason i did it was because it was 5min from my house and I took a chance but not again. His service is awful. Im sick and tired of working with signing agencies. Going after title companies and attorneys.
Wish you the best!

Yes, rude isn’t even the word. When he called me at first, it sounded like he was asleep. Didn’t even introduce himself, just started talking as if I knew who he was! No hello, good morning, nothing.
I still can’t figure out if he’s just one notary or a signing service - whatever, I’ll never take a call from him again. After almost 3 years, I too have had enough of signing services. They treat notaries like dirt and don’t even respect our training. I’m sick of arguing about what we’re not allowed to do. It’s hard to believe that they’re not regulated in any way.

I hear you…I am done with signing services. They don’t pay or like you say very unprofessional. So sad to go through this and not take our work seriously. I think because they are not monitored and if you file a complaint with the state it can take up to 2 years before they open your case due to short staffing.
Time to get another side job…just pathetic.

What are the alternatives, though? Attempting to establish direct relationships with Title Cos? Or Lawyers? Or Realtors, etc.? Maybe a little “cold-call” prospecting? I’m not sure.

A lot of that depends on the Sate you’re working. In some regions there’s a heavy saturation of Notaries that are bombarding Title Companies the shrinking number of signing services. In my area new home purchases are solid. The builders have become both the lender and Title Company. The best I could do was a contract to cover when someone’s out of the office. It’s gotten to the point I’m no longer accepting offers below a minimum fee. I’ve also started a different income stream to make up the difference.

I’m in California so you can just imagine how saturated it is here to. I also started a second stream of income and living in California you need 5 streams…:crazy_face:
Wish you the very best!

A happy update!

Notaroo finally paid the entire amount due today! But it was after I had sent the final warning letter that I’d turn it over to a collection agency if they didn’t pay by 09/15.

They sent a Deluxe E-Check.

Problem Solved.

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@mag3_notary Congratulations to You! :partying_face::sparkler: Also, Thank You for your status update. :crown:


THIS! Is the truth 50?! Most notaries charge 45 for one stamp with the travel fee then 5$ per additional stamp ( in my state) . They wanted to pay you that for a redi or at least 200 pages of printing that’s why the secrecy.