Here's what America's Notary Pro really thinks of you

I’m currently in the thick of trying to collect from America’s Notary Pro out of Helotes, TX, but that’s not the purpose of my post. I have my documentation, I have my communications worked out, I have my collection plan in place. But something one of their reps said to me after I’d accepted the signing has been sticking in my craw ever since, and now I have no qualms about sharing it with you all. If no one takes their jobs, maybe they’ll dry up and blow away, and good riddance to them.

I got a text from Sherry at ANP back in November, asking my availability for a job. It was a simple seller signing, I was first choice because the seller lives on the local military installation and I advertise that I have military privileges. I had read just a day before that they had a slow-pay reputation and so while we were texting back and forth about details, I asked,“What are your payment terms? I have heard, unfortunately, other notaries struggle with timely payments.” I figured it was direct but respectful. Here’s the response, word for word:

“As long as everyting comes in clean a check goes out in 35 days. Only problem is greedy notaries that take the orders then call you from the signing and demand more money. We pay what is on the confirmation which in your case will be…”

I should have have walked away, I know. I sensed that crappy attitude was a precursor of trouble to come, but I’m committed to my military community and I didn’t want to be responsible for this service member having a hard time with his closing because Sherry seemed like a “glass-hole”. So I plowed ahead.

But, I won’t be accepting any more assignments from them, needless to say, and I’m telling you all this in the hopes that we can all be aware of how poorly they think of us. In my dream scenario, everyone here who gets ‘are you available’ messages from them in the future tells them to ‘get bent’ and they go out of business because we “greedy notaries” refuse to work with them. :rofl:


@a_saye_notary Thank You for your informative & insightful post. I’m confident that sharing your direct experience will be helpful to many other Notary Cafe members.


FYI: When this type of response is given:

The next query would be along the lines of the following: “Is that 35 calendar days? Or 35 business days?”

As many have learned, there is a BIG difference between those two periods of time . . .


For additional insightful information about ANP, see the following Notary Cafe page that has 50+ threads about the reputation of this business entity:


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Thank you for posting your experience. You don’t EVEN want to know how they treated me! But I’ll share some of the details in hopes of warning other hardworking NSAs.

I accepted two signings from them in December 2022 (on 12/20 and 12/29 – my first, and ONLY times to work with ANP). Prior to accepting the signings, I confirmed my fees and they acknowledged a net-30 payout. Today is 2/2 and me, my bank account, and my creditors are still waiting.

While doing some research (yes, after the fact), I read a post where an unpaid NSA reached out to the title company for assistance, so I followed suit. The title company forwarded my email to ANP and ANP responded to their email stating that they’d previously asked me to provide a W9, but I had failed to do so. Really? (BTW, I also saw the same “We need your W9” comment on another post). Priceless.

And, oh yeah, the supervisor, “Debbie”, was extremely rude. After I got her to calm down (with words spoken straight from the Holy Spirit), she apologized profusely. She even called early the next morning telling me that she and her husband work in ministry, so she “knows better” than to speak to anyone like she spoke to me. She went on to say that she “tossed and turned” the night before from her “guilt and shame” and asked for my forgiveness. However now, she too, is not responding to my calls, texts, and emails. And did I mention that her son works there as well? (That would be Brandon.) It was because he misinformed me about the 12/29 signing that she “blessed” me with her rudeness.

I filed a scam report with the Federal Trade Commission today, listing all parties involved. I’ll update my post as this situation progresses.

P.S. Their website claims to be “veteran-owned”. That claim should not be used loosely because there are a great deal of exceptionally-runned veteran businesses who would not appreciate being in the same class as ANP! Please be careful and steer clear of this company!

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Oh wow…throwing out the “veteran” AND the “Christian” labels, huh? SUPER GROSS. I’m so sorry that happened to you!

Following up my own story: I never received ANY replies to any of my emails, calls, poor ratings on their Facebook page, or texts to Sherry. However, on Friday 2/3, I received my check from them. No notes, no “sorry,” no “the file never closed, but we’re paying you anyway, you should thank us.” NOTHING.

I have no clue what the impetus for payment was. The check was cut on 1/26; before my nasty FB review, a week after my phone call, 2 days after one of the emails. I looked up the property online, and it is still listed for sale as of the date that check was cut, with a substantial price cut just a week before, so I know the file didn’t close. I’m not complaining that they paid me, I’m just confused about why they did, and why they remained completely incommunicado about it.

They’re still on my blacklist. 75 days from signing to payment, without a single word of explanation during that whole time. Never again.

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cNsa5 - Yep, I had heard about their rep only a day or so before their call, and took the assignment against my better judgment. I should have followed up with asking “calendar or biz days,” but you know how they get when you start asking too many questions.

Lesson learned…check randomly showed up a few days ago (see my other reply in this thread for details). They’re blacklisted now, and I have shared with notaries in my local area with whom I network, to help them avoid this disrespectful and unprofessional company.

Thanks for your reply!


I’m not a fan of theirs either. They ghost you when you are looking for payment. I will not work for them. 2 months to recieve a check is unacceptable. I’m pretty sure they got paid way before that.

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I agree stay clear of these ppl @ ANP! You dont need this!:neutral_face::frowning_with_open_mouth::expressionless::neutral_face:

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Since my posting, a check in the full amount due has been received from ANP!

ANP use to be one of my top shelf SS. For about 2 years there were no problems with communications or payment delays. ANP reliably paid when they promised and never a bad check.

Now I have a no-pay situation and radio silence when I’ve attempted to communicate with them. I’ve been forced to place them on the do not accept list.

Not that I am advocating any of this but… if the signing company doesn’t pay and you have done your due diligence, I have heard that calling the title company and/or lender may light a fire under their rear. Or just telling the signing company that this will be your next step could do the trick. I once heard of an NSA threatening to tell the applicable County she used a stamp not valid for the State where she was commissioned on the deed. She was paid rather quickly…

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