Hi all does any one know how many pages

IN A PROPTECH LOAN PKGS!! I may have under bidded!!!

You have to immediately make the call to the originator of the signing offer and ask that question before bidding. When I call, they are ALWAYS surprised and impressed to be speaking to an actual Notary! I negotiate my fee based on my questions and I get assigned or I verbally turn them down.

Yes m’am if it wasn’t an app, I might would have had a chance to ask those important questions!! So for the record my buyer package had 140 letter pgs, 6 legal!! Yes accepted for less than $150 +scans

I dont know what “less than $150” means, but I would have accepted at least $100.

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I said I accepted the signing for less than $150.00 plus scan!!! Are you saying you don’t know what that means? I don’t do buyer pkgs for under $150.00, because m’am that’s too many pages to accept less! But that’s just me!

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