Hire Notary Experience

I keep getting emails grom Hire Notary. They charge an annual fee of $48. Has anyone worked with them to give me some feedback?

I have never paid those type of companies. They are a waste of money in my opinion. You will not get your money back in signings.


19 years Pro Notary, I never paid a dime to me listed or for advertising. The best notaries never have to pay, only suckers pay. Do you realize, when you pay them, your are now the customer, that it. They have no incentive to get you work.
Don;t be lazy. Sign up with every company you can, and DONT make mistake on you work. Then you will know what it like to be a six figure notary.

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Agreed. Well said!!!

SigningOrder.com and Snapdocs are good sites for notaries


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Don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and your money. Do a search on them, look for reviews and check the forums. #DontDoIt