Hiring Notaries

Has anyone heard or done business with Hiring Notaries? They first told me it was free but then after they had my email and E & O info they said I had to pay $48… (didn’t)

Hi Carol,
I believe there was a feed in 2020 about them. use the search bar above and type topic “HireNotary.com

Hire Notary is a scam from what I understand. They charge you a yearly fee but you get nothing from them. I fell for it one year, but got schooled on it from my notary groups. Don’t fall for it.

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Agree with the above comments. I was almost duped by them but I searched NOTARY Café first…I would say it’s a good rule of thumb if you get an unsolicited email from a NOTARY registry to double check here first (like you did) you can search any companies name and it will probably pull up threads about whether or not there a scam.

The NNA has a signing agent profile, and they launched findanotary.com which has actually brought me business

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WHOA (regarding the platform above) . . . hold on for just a minute . . . ALERT

Everyone should be very CAUTIOUS about this platform.

Many members who display a Professional Profile there notice that their Profile ONLY displays in ONE Zip Code (for their Shipping Address) not for the Zip Codes in County/Counties they serve.


This technical GLITCH has been present for nearly TWO YEARS. It’s been reported MULTIPLE times & Technical Trouble Tickets have been created. The IT Department will state that the technical issue has been “Resolved” & is a “Permanent Fix,” but then 2 weeks later, the Professional Profiles again only display in ONE Zip Code . . .

At that time, the process of reporting, trouble ticket, resolution repeats and then ONCE AGAIN, it will revert to ONLY displaying the Professional Profiles in ONE Zip Code.


As we all know the Title/Escrow Companies [T/ECs]& Loan Officers [LOs] SEARCH via Zip Code (not the County name). Thus, it appears to the T/ECs & LOs that there are LIMITED available Professional Signing Agents & their Preferred PSAs are no longer listed . . .

This is a HUGE financial HIT, especially during the current conditions within our business sector.

I leave you each to do the Math . . .


Are you referring to the NNA signing agent profile? If so I’m unclear on something. I understand the profile comes with being an NNA member and not an additional fee. So for me it’s more of a bonus.

Findanotary.com is their newer platform which does have an additional cost. I can only speak from my own experience but I’ve already gotten work from it and from well outside my zip code.

FYI: The signing agent platform is for professional signing agents.

Findanotary is for GNW/notaries.

The OP was asking about unsolicited database offers.

If you are an NNA member (which every notary should decide for themselves) that opens up the door for marketing offers. It sounds to me like you don’t approve of their signing agent platform. And maybe not their new finadanotray.com for GNW platform.

Fair enough, my point was I was led to believe that signingagent.com was a part of the NNA membership, whether worth the cost or not.

I paid for the findanotary.com platform when it launched and within days I had an offer for GNW…and as a mobile notary I was able to negotiate a fair price that paid for the 6 month pre-payment I did.

My point is, there are a lot of solicitation offers for notaries the moment you register. We need to help each other to figure out which ones are actually worth it vs. scams.