Hoax signing request?

Anyone received an suspicious email like this? I’m sending to the State AG.

“Hello, I have a customer who is purchasing a home here in Arkansas. He and his wife will need to sign loan documents in there office on Friday (waiting for the lender to finish up some things) is that something you can handle?”

If you have quoted pretty much the whole email, I’d suspect it is a hoax (or maybe from someone who has never hired a notary before).

  • No town or city named; no notary covers a whole state
  • No phone number to respond

Was there something to click on? Don’t click on links provided by strangers (or even your friends, if the friends aren’t computer-savvy). Or maybe they hope you will reply with email, so they can harvest a list of email addresses that are still active.

It’s ‘off’ for sure, BUT I probably would ‘reply’ asking for the info needed. Tho’ request should come from Title and provide a whole lot more info. As Ashton said, be very wary and click no links. As to harvesting…possible, but there’s a delete button for a reason. If they respond–quote high as you’ve got an idiot.

I’ve gotten that same email from 4 different people. They’re fraud.

Mine say Michigan, I have replied once asking questions, city, day and time, never received a response. Then a couple weeks later same e-mail with another ladies name and I am still getting them. I just delete them.

I got the same message here in Texas twice, so I blocked her. Her name is Tiffany Williams.

Same email. Different name week after week. I think a Gmail address. I’ve contacted Gmail to complain, but they won’t do anything.