Holding signed docs after scanning

I had a signing company in Florida ask me to do a signing for authorization of solar panels 6 pages
Scan back the docs . Then hold original copies for them in case they need them
I told them I wanted a waiver because I wouldn’t accept responsibility or the liability of the docs
I can hold the scans but not original docs .
I passed
Anybody have any comment. .We’re in NY

I don’t like it, but I’ve done it AFTER getting a short term (wk/10 days max) cutoff date agreed to in writing.

I’ve had some signings like this. I’ve been requested to keep documents 5-10 days then shred. I assume just to make sure the next phase of the plan goes into play and nake sure there are no issues.

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I’ve had requests for scan backs only. No need to return documents. Personally, I wouldn’t hold documents unless I was waiting for a shipping label after document review. No more than 24 hrs.


Same but different. I had a closing and they said hold the originals (I had a return label) until we get the scans and review them. I said no, I don’t want to be responsible for originals that ARE needed at your end. I sent them back, no problems.