Holiday requirements

Got an offer for a signing on November 29, which is Black Friday plus its 45 miles of travel time one way. They offer me 90, is it okay for me to required extra fee doing a signing on a holiday weekend and most likely there being limited signers due to thanksgiving?


Do the math…90 miles @ just .58/mi eats up 52.20 of that fee. Edocs another $25, leaving you with $12.80 for the time you spent traveling and the hour you spent getting it signed, before taxes. It being a ‘holiday’ has nothing to do with this lowball, worse than min. wage fee. It’s YOUR business and only you decide what your fees are.


I’d charge $90 to drive to the signing site, do absolutely nothing, turn around, and go home. Anything involving printing docs, getting them signed, or doing notarizations would be extra cost.


Is it OK?? This is your business, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to charge whatever fee you want.
You stated they wanted you to do a signing 45 miles away on a holiday weekend, I personally would charge no less than double my normal fee, probably closer TRIPLE my normal fee.
As Arichter stated you need to determine what your costs are FIRST! You will be out of business in no time by allowing signing companies and other contracting companies to low-ball you.

As others have mentioned, you charge what you want. If they want to pay it wonderful. If not move on and get the next one. Personally most of my recent offers I have pushed back with 240.00 to-250.00 but these jobs are also a 125 mile round trip Its whatever you value yourself at. Good Luck

Your money, your business, tell them what you need and if they cannot meet it let it go. another more worth your while will come along.