Hospital and hospice notaries

How would you go about doing notaries services for hospitals and hospice . Any advice on how to set that up

Contact the facility…speak with the social worker, admissions office, patient advocate, ombudsman…whatever they have in your state. You’ll be better served going to each facility personally to speak with them and leave a supply of business cards.

It’s footwork but can be very lucrative depending on where you are.

Good luck


It’s fairly simple just be patient with empathy. I’m on a hospital roster It took a while to get on.

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Thank you for the advice

I ordered some promotional items and hand delivered them to some nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It did pay off with one facility. Each time I would go there to do a notarization, the receptionist would show me the promotional item and thank me. The thing in VA is that it is so easy to become a notary, most banks, car dealerships, schools, nursing homes and hospitals have at least one on staff. My business comes from loan closings and such along with RON. In my spare time I will login on to keep myself sharp.

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