Hospital fees

Curious about hospital notary fees. Any suggestions?

What you are allowed to charge is state-specific. Notarizing at a hospital can be an ordeal. I’ve had to suit up in hazmat; wait in hall while signer 1) is with Dr. 2) undergoing a procedure 3) getting prepped for surgery (that was fun…running alongside a gurney while he’s signing on a clipboard)…and my most unfavorite: despite being told photo ID required, signer didn’t have it.

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@Arichter Yes, I’ve had direct experience with that as well.

  • Signing scheduled at a physician’s office.
  • Emphasized that ID needs to be with the physician.
  • No problem, the receptionist said . . .

Arrived, physician with a client at the appointment time. W-A-I-T-E-D
He finally appeared & wanted to sign & run. I thought: (Not so fast, Turbo!)

I said: “I’ll need to see your current government-issued photo ID first, please.”
He said pointing to the embroidered name on his white lab coat: “You can see this is me!” (stated emphatically)

I said: “May I borrow your lab coat for just a moment please?”
He gave me the ‘side eye’ stating: “I see your point.” He then instructed the nurse to go out to his “Jag” & get his ID for him . . .


It takes all kinds!

@cheryl.hereford Regarding pricing, as noted above, review your state Notary Manual/Handbook for notary fee guidance & the travel fee (if you’re able to charge one in your state).

Once you do a few hospital visits, you’ll recognize the approximate amount of time required & then you’ll be able to charge accordingly.


@cheryl.hereford If you are in this business long enough, hospital assignments will come. You will never know exactly what to expect. If it’s GNW, start with your state allowable notarial fee, parking fee, waiting fee, etc (allowable miscellaneous charges). If it’s a loan signing, it’s important to ask for the location, some will and will not mention the signer is in the hospital. I had a title company that gave me the address only. If I wasn’t familiar with the area, I would have been totally blindsided. Make make sure their signing fee is enough to cover parking fees and the amount of time, and other required supplies needed. I charge the hiring company for the full day garage parking fee, due to the fact you never know how long things will take. I highly recommend to avoid any parking meters, that’s a quick way to get parking tickets, which the hiring companies will not cover. I also charge the hiring companies the cost for valet parking service, because I am not walking blocks after finding parking. My time is very valuable, plus it’s to hot in Florida…