Hot Spot -- For those with a Printer in their car

I tried downloading a file using my iphone’s hotspot and my laptop connected to my car printer…
It took forever downloading the file. I just drove home in that time.

Does anyone have a Mobile Hot Spot device & service you can recommend that will download files fast?

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I head to McDonald’s and park near the door. So I’m not in an isolated area… I hook up to their wifi and print my documents


Mobile printer is my next desired investment. I have a Brother HL-L6200dwt at home and I purchased a canon MF264DW for my vehicle however I’m not so pleased with the setup instructions for the canon. Current prices for brother printers are astronomical. But I may have to invest—time is money!

Any advice that you can give about the vehicle printing setup best practices?


I have the Brother HL-L6200DWT in my home and an Epson M404N in my car. I want to get another HL-L6200DWT for my car. It’s much faster, but I’ll work with what I have for now. I purchased a Deep Cell battery (marine battery) for my car. It’s attached to a 2000 watt inverter which powers a printer, Epson ES-400 scanner, and my HP laptop when I have to plug it in. I didn’t want to run anything off my car battery. As far as Wifi, I have a hotspot on my phone but I’m not computer savvy, I don’t always get the connection right. So, I park in McDonald’s parking lot and use their Wifi. There’s a video on YouTube on how to run a printer from your car. The marine battery cost about $100. The 2000 watt Ampeak inverter cost about $150. The video explains very clearly how to connect everything. All this sits in the rear of my Dodge Journey. I also have paper, elastic bands, folders for client copies with my business cards inside a clear card holder, attached to the folder.


Who is your cell phone provider? I have Verizon and I’m able to download quickly and efficiently using my phone itself or using my phone as a hotspot. As long you aren’t in the back country, you should be able to download efficiently with Verizon, ATT, or T-mobile. I’m biased, but Verizon is the best of the best. Also, what kind of phone are you using?

How do you keep the battery charged if you are using your car battery for power?

run the car so it runs the alternator which in turn charges the battery.

I bought a separate battery and a case for my truck. I also have a power inverter in my trunk. And HP LaserJet Pro 404dn dual tray in my trunk
I also have a fujitsu xi500 in the trunk. I just need to figure out out the internet now.

I have to admit that the Verizon’s mifi is the best mobile wifi that I am aware – if there’s anything else out there, I’m all ears. I am looking to setup my printer, and scanner in my vehicle because late docs is a reality in this business. I don’t want to bad mouth any signing services because they are at the mercy of the lender to get the docs but it is making it difficult to take on additional signings because each late document makes you late for subsequent appointments.

Thank you for posting the tip about using a Marine battery and inverter. I want to get my mobile office setup in my SUV this weekend.

Cell phone hotspot or McDonald’s parking lot. Starbucks offers free Wifi also, I think. Most clients will let you use their wifi to print documents. If I receive a late in the day last minute signing and I’m already out, I contact the borrower and let them know that I was just notified of their closing and I can print documents from my car. Then I tell them that I would need a wifi connection to facilitate that. I pause to let them think about what I’m indirectly asking. If it takes to long for them to respond, I politely ask if they wouldn’t mind me using their wifi. I’ve never been denied. Or you tell them that there will be a delay because you have to secure a location with wifi to print the documents out. They will let you use theirs just to expedite things.

Did you get your printer setup in your SUV yet? Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

I have NOT done so yet. I’ll need to buy another printer because the CANON I purchased doesn’t seem to want to setup to my laptop for some reason. It’s an CANON ImageClass MF246dw… so it’s an all in one laser that I had hoped to put in the car for on the road printing/fax/scanning… it was reasonably priced but just not a good fit I guess. So I’ll have to spend $$$$ to get another Brother HL-L6200dwt and a new Epson WF-400 scanner for the car – but that leaves me without a Fax machine – these tools have increased extravagantly in price since my first purchase… the $300 Brother is now listed on Amazon at $700+ and the scanner itself is over $300 so I’ll need more work to afford those expenses. However, I hope to reach out to you again when I’m ready – I’ve already been comparing Marine batteries to Car Batteries to see which option will work best for this mobile application.

Btw which wifi are you using? I just saw an ad for an Inseego which claims to provide a solution for Mobile wifi usage.

Sorry it’s a long message. Y~

Honestly, I have not yet worked out all the bugs… I can print in my car… but I’ve just been driving home – turning the inverter on, making sure everything is hooked up in my trunk, Trying to figure out WIfi, and then waiting 10 minutes to download, and then printing 300 pages — I’ve just been driving home in that time… the hp laserjet pro 404dn with double tray has been in my trunk for about 3 month?? Used it once. I also have the Fujitsu scansnap 500xi in my trunk too… I promised my self I’d use it… But it’s this internet wifi thing that gets in my way.

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I have a marine (deep cell) battery in my trunk. My inverter is hooked up to it. I turn the inverter on to operate my printer or scanner. When I’m done, I turn the inverter off and the battery is not engaged. I haven’t had to charge it yet. I’ve printed several large documents.


I just purchased SYNCUP from t-Mobile which acts as a hotspot for the vehicle and I have my epson 400 scanner. Gotta purchase a marine dry cell battery and an inverter—I’ll keep you posted!

Hey there fellow notary friend! All my mobile gear arrived. I’m getting my husband to help me cut out a wooden platform to bolt everything down … a little nervous but excited.

I’m hoping to record the journey.

I have Sprint for my mobile carrier and they have a device that plugs into my car right under my steering wheel they provides me with on the road wifi. The device is like $30 and the monthly fee is $15. I have my printer and my phone hooked into it. It always has wifi and it never drops my internet connection. Hope this helps.