How about we stick to our fees like the realtors do with theirs

I learned something from a realtor this week about the art of negotiation.

For two weeks I interviewed with 3 realtors and finally decided to go with the one I want to use but then it took me another 2 days to negotiate the commission! The realtor stood her ground and refused my proposed fee but at least we met at a mutual agreed percentage. If anyone knows me, I negotiate on everything.

This was what she wrote to me. I understood her position and did not push further.

“You see, out of that commission, I pay out many things. To name a few; the other agent, a referral fee to Steve, marketing, insurance, county records, fuel, wear and tear on the car for all showings and my time.”

I figured if she took the time to explain her position I will have to respect that.


The difference between a realtor is that they have a certain percentage rate that they start negotiations from. Usually between 3-5%. Which is Industry standard. With signing agent there are so many agencies that try to charge us what they want not even the bare minimum sometimes

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37 years real estate agent here. Always face low ball competition. Difference is, in real estate I am marketing myself directly to potential clients. I get paid too much for the easy stuff and not nearly enough for the tough stuff. Lots of tough stuff to plow through where experience makes a difference. One friend once said we don’t get paid for what we do, but rather what we know. A lot of professions are like that. Notary is a whole different ball game. Pretty much no one cares what we know as long as we can get signatures and work cheaply enough. Many signing companies are not as concerned with getting what they pay for.


Are you doing both? A Realtor and an NSA?

Are you saying that the value and knowledge of a real estate agent is worth more then a signing agent? I know people are proud to say they are professional signing agents because it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to sign documents.

I am a senior and mostly retired from the rigors of a full time agent. I was a top agent for very many years and then had 1 too many auto accidents that left me with issues. Sat back for a few years, but still need to work, both for $$ and for my soul. I had closed loans for a title company in the early 2000s refi rush. I liked it. I enjoy it now and have often found my extensive real estate knowledge comes in very handy. I work with another real estate agent most times and sell only a few houses a year, mostly to past clients.

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Absolutely not. I do, however, believe that notary knowledge is under valued. It is quite a different animal, both in the time for each transaction and the number of people you are interacting with and negotiating with. Notaries don’t deal with touchy agents, touchy sellers or buyers, lender approvals, low appraisals, estate issues, attorneys, mold, structural, code problems as well as buyers and sellers who are sometimes less than truthful. All of which, if handled incorrectly, can loose your your source of income, your savings and house!! Just a different animal. Both require expertise. I had a friend agent who said every couple of months we had a new boss in real estate. For notaries, every couple of hours, we have a new boss!


Can’t they get away with this because of the lack of experience from noobs?