How do I delete a thread?

Looks like I was wrong… How do I delete this post?

Interesting coincidence, eh. You’re catching on. Lot of games being played out there, but, frankly, this one surprises me. I have no personal experience with either. Notary2Pro came along well after I’d entered the field so never paid much attention to whatever they’re selling. Just thought they had a good reputation but have to admit your info is disturbing.

I was concerned about your post saying they are the same co. and so poked around a bit. I don’t see the association (other than UI wants notaries to take N2P’s training…but there are several other companies that suggest that). Unlimited Ink is a notary in Phoenix, AZ farming out work. Notary2Pro is located in CA. Am not the best googler so where did you find what you said you found?