How do I get signed up with Amrock for Texas Closings

How do I get in with Amrock in my area? (Central Texas and Texas hill country) it says on their website

I have done 1000’s of closings back in 1980’s-1997, I owned a mortgage brokerage company, then left the field for a career as an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA. Since air traffic controllers are forced to retire at age 56 I’m now back in the field.

I had to relinquish my notary from the 80’s because I found out an x-co-worker was using my notary while waiting on his to get approved, so my new number makes me look like a newbie!

It seems the only requests I am receiving are texts from Snapdocs and BlackInk and are low paying as a rule ($40 refi with scanbacks)


Good Luck! I recently tried to sign up with them and they said they were not taking any more from my area at this time (Oklahoma).

Tina, if you haven’t done signings since the 80’s (which is when you gave up your commission so I guess that would have been about the right time) then in their eyes, and the eyes of most if not all other companies, you’re going to be considered a “newbie” - so much has changed since then…I left loan signings in 2013 and a lot has changed just since then - if you’ve been out of it for 30 years or so, then yes, they will look at you that way.

The best you can do is go to their website and see about getting on their list of approved signing agents - see how they respond (and hopefully they won’t give you the same answer they gave to vizionmobilenotary. Just remember you’ll need to have a title office or attorney’s office lined up for use for your cashouts.

Good luck to you…and congrats on that retirement!