How Do I Prepare and Ship a Signed Package?

After checking (and double-checking!) the document package for completeness, it’s time to ship!

Shipping requirements should be included as part of your notary instructions, so check there for specifics before proceeding. If you did not receive shipping instructions, reach out to the party who hired you for clarification.

Things to consider…

  • Was the label included in the package. If not, how do you get one?
  • What shipping carrier do they want you to use and what time is that carrier’s shipping deadline for the day?
  • What kind of envelope do they want you to use?

When it comes to shipping, your primary goal is to ensure that the document package is secure for it’s journey.

  • Secure documents in a folder, with a large binder clip, or with a rubber band.
  • Place documents in the envelope and seal it shut. For extra security, you can reinforce the seam with clear shipping tape.
  • Affix the label onto the envelope using a clear label pouch, these are available from all of the major shipping carriers. If you don’t have one available, you can use clear shipping tape but ensure to cover the entire label with several pieces of tape.
  • Drop the package at the the shipping carrier indicated on the shipping label and request a receipt. Keep this receipt!

Where can I get shipping supplies?

Branded supplies for major shipping carriers can be ordered, at no cost, on their websites:

Do I need to ship the documents on the same day of the signing?

Generally speaking, yes. You are expected to drop the package at the shipping carrier on the same day as your signing. The exception to this standard is if your signing occurs later in the afternoon or in the evening and will conclude after the shipping deadline for that day. In these cases, you can ship the next day.

Can I use a drop box instead of going to a storefront location?

We advise against utilizing drop boxes since they are less secure and pick-up dates/times can be unpredictable.

Many signing services/title companies also prohibit the use of drop boxes. If you still choose to drop your documents in a dropbox, we recommend taking a photo of the package (label up) on top of the box. Drop boxes usually include an indicator informing you if pick-up has already occurred that day, ensure that this is visible in the picture as well. Save this photo for future reference, it may be used to prove that you dropped the package before pick-up at a designated drop box in case it gets delayed or lost in transit.

What if I missed the shipping deadline?

If you missed the deadline, first check other store locations. A different store in your area may have a later deadline. If this isn’t an option, contact your hiring party immediately and inform them of the situation. We recommend offering to scan them a full copy of the package, free of cost, as they may be able to get the ball rolling without the physical package in hand yet. Note that delayed packages can cause funding issues with loans, so try to avoid missing the shipping deadline. You may be held responsible for any financial losses that occur as a result.

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