How do I refuse a signing after accepting it?

Hello Tribe I need some advice. I accepted an assignment from a company and after doing my research I discovered they are on the bad list. If this was a year ago or a few months ago I may not be concerned. The posts are less than 14 days old with notaries reporting that invoices from December and January are still not paid.

What is the best and most professional way to ask for this to be reassigned?

AOE,Signature Line, Signing Order, they all are the same, a little late but they always pay…

Not according to the linked post. I have may signings on SO with no issues.

Your closing instruction should have their contact info….

I got the assignment late last night and don’t want to wait until I get the docs. It a Saturday closing so I want to give them enough time to find another notary.

Should I call or email? I did send them an email before I did my research asking them about the payment terms as it was not showing on the order … still waiting for a reply

If you absolutely, positively, never ever want to work with this company, call & give it back ASAP and tell them WHY (they don’t pay their notaries, I assume?) You actually are doing them (& all notaries) a favor by letting them know they have a bad reputation with notaries–which will affect their business. But, flip side, if no pay is SOP with them, they could dump you. If you might want work in the future, if they improve, you double-booked.

You have plenty of time to give back. I always call first, if no success then give back via app if there’s an option. If no success with both options, I call the loan officer to inform them to take it back. If I can’t get anyone to pick up immediately, I call a couple more times, then if after 3 attempts no pick up I would leave a message of my declination and email them both.

I’m not worried about not doing business with them as I am getting out of the LSA business at the end of the month.

I got a job offer I could not refuse. I will still be a Notary but not doing LSA