How do we contact Bancserv?

I don’t mean their phone number, I have that line. But, I’m confused because I am not getting any responses. I have an upcoming order with them for next week and I’ve been trying to talk to someone about some issues with it along with some app glitches I’m experiencing.

I emailed them at their customer service email every day from Wednesday to Friday and never got a response. I called like 3x during the day from Wednesday to Friday as well. The operator gave me a busy signal. When I press “4” for notary orders it just rings and rings and rings for eternity. Heck, I even tried all the other extensions just trying to talk to anyone and they all gave me busy signals.

My app is literally glitching to the point that I can’t communicate with it like I’m supposed to. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded it about 4 times now. Does anyone have a contact I can speak with? Someone in IT or a manager? Because I get the feeling my customer service emails are just being ignored since people have responded to that email in the past. This is just so ridiculous lol. A business that goes out of its way to not help vendors who are making the business money? I don’t understand.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

For quick response email Brady Johnston:

Or call +1 (800) 721-5558 press option 2 for name directory, then press 2723 for Brady. He’ll answer.

Just don’t mention my name! :scream: I gave back 2 orders on the same day last week:( oops. Yikes. My bad. I maybe on a blacklist right now! just kidding :scream:

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Excellent. Thank you Sinath! I’ll try that email.

Edit: I won’t mention your name lol. But, it is true that they ding our scores for giving orders back no matter what the reason (sick, mom died, struck by lightning).