How do you file an FCC Filing to companies who have not paid for rendered services?

Have you ever thought about Filing a FCC for non payments on any companies?

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Don’t see where the FCC would have anything to do with non-payment to notaries.


I read somewhere you could do some type of filing if you have not been compensated for services rendered. That’s why I’m asking to see if anyone can elaborate.

If hired by SS, complain to Title Co. as decent ones will see that SS pays. If it’s a TC that didn’t pay, contact whatever government dept. in your state oversees them. If it’s a lawyer, contact his/her local Bar Assoc. Google is your friend.


Federal Communications Commission?

A lot of these companies are net30 and their pay schedules pay 30days from the closing of the assignment . When you got the assignment there should have been a payment schedule stating when you would receive payment. I’ve seen it as an attachment .
Can we ask which company is this so others can be aware ?

Bling afternoon. Yes the company is Coast 2 Coast. I’ve called them three times and sent them two emails and I have not received payments from the month of February and March.

So sorry you got caught up by Coast to Coast. They are notorious for low-ball offers and slow pay/no pay. Its always good to vet through this forum when accepting offers with new companies.


I have found the best way to get non-pay or slow-paying Signing Companies to pay is to threaten them that you will give them a deadline to receive payment (one week from now for example) or you will contact their state’s Attorney General. That would ruin them to have a contact of non-payment on their record, and the Attorney General of whatever state goes after them and makes them pay.

A few years back I had multiple assignments with a company that used to pay. They went out of business. I contacted the Title Companies and they were like, ‘oh, here is his new email address.’ Nothing prompted them to make sure I was paid, one of those assignments was on Christmas Day! If I had known about contacting the Attorney General I would have given it a try. The person who used to own a signing company also didn’t pay his scheduler. She has moved on to another company and throws me a bone every once in a while. I had to write off the fees on my tax return. I comfort myself with that whenever I look at my Baddies list.

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I am sorry to say, you will never get paid. The have owed me for over a year. In order to get any money you would have to file in small claims court. In most states the fee is over $ 100.00. My attorney has said it not worth the effect. The best thing is to keep negative comments on public view. If they can’t get any notaries to sign for the, they will have to close their doors.

IMO, depending on the size of your invoice, it is most definitely worth it as you can recoup your fees incurred in collecting the debt in the judgment handed down in small claims. It may not be worth it for the attorney to do it but it is worth it for you to do it yourself - in most states small claims is done without attorneys.

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The problem with Small Claims court is ALL you get is a Judgement. You still have to figure out how to pursue actually getting the money. They don’t make the offending party hand you the funds due.

That’s when you record the judgment - then it pops up any time the official records are searched. Or you could possibly petition for an attachment - depending on the state laws on that.

All states are different. I remember in CT we had a small claims case when a guy did not return our $100 deposit on a boat - we won and the person was ordered to pay us weekly until paid off - the courts impose the order on them.

IMO It’s always worth a try.

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I think you are referring to a UCC lien. Generally, a UCC lien is a voluntary lien provided to a lender on personal property. A mechanic’s lien is an involuntary lien a contractor or mechanic files against property when they have not been paid. I don’t think you can file a mechanic’s lien as you are not working on property you are providing personal services to an individual for a signing company.

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No…you record the judgment in the official county/city records … not referring to a UCC or Mechanics’ Lien. Like I said … State specific. CT courts enforce these judgments. Here in FL you can file the judgment in the land records … when that person/entity tries to transfer or liquidate property the judgment is picked up in the search. In NJ one can fi!e the judgment and the person can’t renew their DL or registration without satisfying that judgment.

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The FCC The Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency of the United States federal government that regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable across the United States. Per FCC website. You could of said IRS, FBI, VCR still no go.
Nothing to due with Notaries or Non-payment…

Call the Title Co. that hired the signing company is a good place to start.

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Once you have a judgment it becomes public record. You are correct, each state may have different processes for trying to enforce a judgement. My state there is a minimum $250 filing fee to try collect a debt and you add in your time and effort it is better to try collect from title and if that doesn’t work, just move on. If you have a judgment, also consider reporting it to the three commercial credit reporting bureaus.

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I like that idea. Don’t know if it would work, but worth checking out.

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Check with your State’s Attorney General office to see if “theft of services” criminal offense can be filed. Based on your findings will determine how you should proceed. So far in eight years, I only had one company failed to compensate for a completed signing order. I simply charged it off as a tax loss of income. I felt it would take up to much time and my efforts could be better spent making money. I am not going to become a debt collector, chasing a few hundred dollars. That’s just my perspective.