How do you get signings with TCX?

I get like 3 texts a day from The Closing Exchange for signings in my area, but I can NEVER seem to get a single one. Literally the moment I get the text I respond and accept and EVERY TIME they tell me someone else got to it faster. How?? I’m thinking these people set up bots to automatically accept the orders. There’s no way I click it within 2 seconds and someone else is faster. Has anyone else experienced this with them? I can’t seem to get any signings from anybody. And the one place I do get them from I can never be fast enough… starting to think this notary thing might not be for me…


They seem to have the wonkiest platform out there. I’ve had your experience many times (altho’ I don’t think I’ve ever actually accepted their way too low fee blast) but get the ‘someone took it’ message most of the time. And then it will come thru again a while later–with the same ‘already taken’ results. Sometimes this will happen 3 or 4 times. Just last week, after much countering, they finally met my fee and I accepted. It said the order would follow. Never got it and an e-mail inquiry to them about ‘accepted order’ remains unanswered. No answer, order, docs…and the date is long gone. If they don’t care, I fail to see why I should.


I always counter there fees. The have accepted twice and rejected most.

But how do y’all even accept or get a chance to counter? Every time I click accept it tells me someone else already accepted. I can never get one.

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I have the same issues with them. My best guess is that they have some kind of tiered system where they send the assignments out to those notaries with more experience/higher on their list first and by the time the automated text or email makes it to newbies like us, the assignment is long gone. I have done 10 signings with them since starting in mid-August, but I will tell you that how I got all of them was literally sitting on their platform where you see your dashboard, order offers, etc., and constantly refreshing the screen. The orders seem to appear on their online platform much sooner than the notifications come through. That obviously is not a viable option for the long-term but I am hoping that getting some assignments that way will move me up on their list. I have had a couple of their reps reach out directly to me in the past couple of weeks about jobs in my area so I feel like I’ve made some progress. Luckily this is just a side job for me because there is no way I could sustain myself at this rate. I will also tell you that the TCX platform seems to get busier between the hours of 5 - 8 p.m. ET (my guess if because they’re in California so I think that is probably the end of the day rush for them.) Luckily I am home from my full-time job at that point, so I will just leave my laptop open to their platform and keep refreshing the screen. Hopefully you are able to land something soon!

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Happens to me also. I don’t understand

Actually, as of yesterday’s chat with them…they know they have a very glitchy platform and ‘are working on it’. Apparently not real hard as it’s been glitchy all year now. 'Bout ready to dump 'em–because they always lowball with the first offer…and then the glitches… so not worth our time.

I literally hate it. It makes no sense

I hope so cause they are the only ones sending me work right now.

I do this as well. Sit on my phone and just refresh all day long. I’ve completed about 15 with them so far and my rating is excellent I also think that the text messages are tiered and I am hoping that I will receive texts quicker as I complete more assignments with them.

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I don’t think it is so much Closing Exchange, as it is some people using technology to undercut others. I got my first signing from Closing Exchange 10/5/2021, and this was after trying for more than 2 weeks. As soon as the texts would come in, because my messenger was slow interfacing with the Web Browsers, I would open the App, and I would see that I’d already missed. Then there other times when I would just be in the App refreshing, and a job would pop up, but before I could click, someone had it. I know people are fast, but honestly, nobody is that fast without technology assisting them. Now I am not calling people cheaters, but I am going to say that there are people who will use any tool to their advantage to gain and Edge, or so they say. These are the same people who realize they are overbooked, and cancel at the last minute. That’s why I say, let’s not blame Closing Exchanges. Let’s lay the axe at the root of the right tree, and that tree being the unethical, gold digging, techno snakes out there who are trying to make life miserable on us who are trying to get a strong foot in the door.

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No, not with them but First Class Signing does the exact same thing to me. There is no way someone responded quicker than I. I think the signing company’s use all the Notaries that LOW BALL FEE’S, and they have a list.

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I would recommend calling them. I’ve talked to several of the team members there and they’re usually very helpful. I’ve even called and said “I just missed” such and such an order but I’m available and would like to do it, if possible. They often respond with something like “Well, since you called I’ll check and assign it to you if I can”. I’ve gotten at least five orders just from doing that. Their system is glitchy on the back end, too, so I’ve been surprised when orders have still been available after they’re shown as gone, but it has happened enough times now that I will always call if I really want that order.

I’ve done over 40 orders for them in the last few months and really like working with them. They don’t pay the highest, but I just take ones that are close to me and that I can negotiate upwards a bit and it all works out.

Everything else about working with them is really smooth. Docs are usually ready in plenty of time, and they pay in a timely manner almost exactly 30 days after the closing.

If you are set up for RON, they also have a good RON training program. I’ve done at least 10 RON closings for them.

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Can you give me their number? I’ve only been able to use the chat and they always say they don’t have anymore signings.

It’s super frustrating

Sure. It’s 833-432-4321. You will have to listen to the voice message for a few seconds, until it says “press 1 to speak to the next available agent”. Then, just press 1. A live person usually answers fairly quickly unless it’s really early or really late Pacific time (TCX is based in California).

Just now seeing this. Thanks so much! I will definitely be saving their number in my phone!

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You’re very welcome! And yes, that’s what I do, too. That way I can call them fast, when needed.