How do you keep track of your income & expense?

I received an invitation to try Notary Gadget. Before receiving the email, I’d never heard of this service. I have heard about Vendbooks and Plaid. What do you use and what benefits do you find most useful? Thanks

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I use Notary Assist. I’ve had it for several years. It was just a software program I paid to download. Apparently they have a monthly service fee now, if I were to upgrade. I like it the way it is so I don’t feel the need to pay a monthly fee. Not sure if you can still get the software program without the service fee. It keeps track of everything you need to do your taxes. How many miles, how many signatures were notarized, who paid you with reports you can customize. I really like it.

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I use to track all things. Orders, calendar, miles, expenses etc. Sending invoices is a breeze. Instead of using an old school notary journal I use to digitally sign all signers. These two sites streamline my efforts.

I put all my signing orders into SnapDocs.

It tracks milage, costs, can imput supplies even.

The minute I get a signing…even a small cash signing I log it into SnapDocs.

I have used Notary Gadget for almost 5 years. I love that you can log in on any device anywhere and see all your signings, mileage, fees, tracking #'s and you can print customer reports, 1099 year end reports and keep track of your expenses.

What state are you in that you can use an electronic journal?

I have been using notary assist for 7 years. I have tried others but this one works best. I like their customer service and they are open to suggestions on improving their program.

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I’m in Illinois. I can’t use an electronic journal yet.

I wish they would do a nice mobile app to quickly add signings to the system.


I use notary gadget. It would be a chaos for me without it!