How do you sign up with Title365?

I want to add a couple more signing agencies. I want experience before I go to title companies directly.

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In the forum I’ve just read, one of ours had a bad experience and stated that Title 365 also known as XOME doesn’t show respect after your job is completed and will not pay. I’m personally adding them to my NO NO LIST :roll_eyes:


They don’t pay?? I hear others do enjoy working with them. Hopefully they got paid

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I was reading a NSA’s experience. Cari, do you have a great relationship with title 365 XOME? if so, I will consider them. This may have been an isolated incident.

You can register on their website and they send you the paperwork to your email to fill out and send back to them. Its alot (like Timio’s) but I’ve heard good and not so good (but mostly good) about Title so I’m gonna definitely work with them.

One of the best they pat within a week

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I love working for Xome, they pay on time…

I’m a new notary and they emailed and said I didn’t have enough experience. I guess I will try them in the future

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Thank you for sharing. I just received an email confirming sign up. Hopefully I received closing around my area.

I just barely signed up recently after hearing great things about xome.

I can say all those damn notary youtube videos on gaining signings by "building relationships " is tried and true come to find out. Lol

I’ve learned that building a relationship with the actual schedulers is key. So instead of reaching out to the Escrow Officer (like before), I started reaching out to the Escrow Assistants. They are nicer lol and they are usually always the person setting up signings for the EO.

I say schedulers because signing companies call these people the scheduling team or Liaison. These people are who you want to get in good with.


Hi Cari, how do you initally reach the assistants / schedulers? Is it after you receive your signing and build the relationship from there?

Also, what is the direct website for XOME, I think I accidentally signed up under the wrong XOME. Thanks

When you start signing up with signing services, they will email you. So for example signature closers signing services team:

LinkedIn, I’ve found escrow assistants on LinkedIn. Once you find their name try to get their work email direct. I dont suggest messaging them on LinkedIn. Once you get their work direct email address. Introduce yourself, tell them.your area and that you will drop docs back asap after signing.


Sign up with and upgrade to the extra 20 zip codes) its 2.99 a month. Change your mile radius to 65 miles. Most little signing companies are linked to

sign up with these seperate:

Timios, Inc
Signature closers
Service Link
FASS (first american)
Closing Xchange

All the above hire new notaries and they get lots of work. Not through

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Hi Cari, I have another question. I’m currently signing up with Title 365 and they are requiring 3 references that can attest tou professionalism and knowledge about loan document signings. Im not sure because the only people I’ve been working with is the National Notary Association. Should I put them down? Need help, thanks

Yes. Do you have any other professionals you worked with in any other type of work. May be better to put something instead of nothing. I dont think they email or call all references

They sent me the same email.

I completed the entire required package to sign up with title 365 but only to be turned down because I’m new and they want me to at least have 3 months experience so I put them aside as a future resource