How long does it take to get paid

I’m really new to this. Just had my 3rd signing. I see a lot of post about late or delayed payments. So how long does it take to get paid? or how long should it take to get paid? I have one from First American which now I see will be paid on the 18th which I thought everyone paid on Friday. the other 2 are from Coast2Coast.

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are we paid from Coast2Coast or Snapdocs?

Well, that depends . . .

If you were hired by a Title/Escrow Company, normally payment is fairly quick.
If you were hired by a Signing Service, payment could be received within 2-4 weeks (or longer) contingent upon your contractual agreement with them.

FYI: There are no definitive ‘pay days’ of a week - it varies.

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Take an assignments every day for a month and soon you will start getting a paycheck in your mailbox everyday.

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It really depends who you received your assignments from. If you work with signing companies it’s not uncommon to receive payment from 30 to even 90 days later. Not the best but it does happen. When you work directly with title companies those are fairly faster but it also depends on how they are paying their notaries. Usually we get a check when the loan funds so that could be the same day or in a few days if they mail out your check. IF you getting paid through corporate that can take about a week or 2. Also be mindful that with covid and because they are working with a lot of notaries they get behind sometimes.

Great to know. So just to be safe I’ll wait about 3 weeks before I start to worry. Then another week before I call them. sounds good.

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Hi earnestware, almost every signing service has a slightly different policy. If there’s a common pay period, it would be “end of the following month for all signings the previous month”. So, you would be paid at the end of April for all signings done for that signing service in March.

Which can turn into close to 60 days, for signings done at the beginning of the previous month.

Others pay 30 days after closing. Title companies usually pay within a couple of weeks.

I have one signing service that specified 45 business days, which turns into mid-May for a signing done in early March. I won’t be accepting any more signings from them.

And so, it’s all over the map. Technically, of course, payment isn’t slow or late until it’s outside of the given service’s stated payment policy.

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Coast2Coast pays you direct

They all list their terms in the contract or on Snapdocs you should see payment terms in the order. Once you start getting into a couple months - you’ll have a steady stream of payment coming in. The longest I’ve waited is 2-3 months and I monitor all of them and start emailing for updates at the 45 day mark. I’ve never NOT been paid by someone, but you definitely need to keep track and monitor your orders.

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@ Earnestware

That depends.

Coast 2 Coast has two division. One does pay though Snapdocs and the other pays direct.

It really does depend on the Signing Service you use. I had one that I did last week that paid me the same day, and one I’ve done over 3 weeks ago which still has not paid out. Patience is key.

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I’m really use to being paid fast. I guess its time for me to go direct! After all my bills are going to wait 3 months before they request money from me.

Coast 2 Coast is 30 days. They’ll send you an Echeck through You will be able to print it out and mobile Deposit it.

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Hi- you’ll get use to the timing of each notary or title company you work for. Many are 2-4wks… and some avg 1.5 months.