How much can you doing Mobile Notary jobs ? How is the demand?

I see a lot of people in here seem to live and die by the loan signing agent portion of being a notary. What about Generally Notary work as a mobile notary? I see people in my area are charging $100 a job for that type of work. How is the demand for general notary work?

@jcimmino1 the answer to that is very state-specific and dependent upon the amount of competition you have in your area. What can you charge for notarizations? Can you charge for time and travel? How many notaries are listed here and on a couple other sites in your very own zip code or general area? Also, it would depend on how effective your marketing is.

Many people will go to their bank to have things notarized for free rather than pay a mobile notary. Can’t say I blame them at all.

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Huh? That doesn’t make sense to me business wise, when UPS is charging $10 per stamp.

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Im in New York so maybe it’s a lot higher. The 100$ was for the travel fee not the stamp

Another one I found is $175 flat rate for travel in NYC. These notaries have to be getting clients or the rate would drop.

Oh. Yeah, NYC is a different beast. I have no idea about their prices.

I am a newer notary in Nevada (not to far from Las Vegas) and personally I have not seen too much of a demand for mobile notary services…but that is just me it is possible that other notaries in my area are busy. I realize that I am in a saturated area, and I even recently passed an insurance agency in my area that advertises free notary services if a person gets an insurance quote ha ha. I can’t compete with free notary services, but right now field inspections are keeping me busy. I have found that many people do not even want to pay the fees set by my state let alone a travel fee. I am in the midst of a few marketing campaigns, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! I wish everyone else the best during these challenging times.

I’m a notary in Florida, while general work does not pay like loans and most people are not calling you for loans any more like in the last 2 years. There is still side hustle type money to be made depending on your states laws. Google is your friend. Theres so many things you can advertise for yourself. Like weddings, in most cases people do not want to go to UPS for that. And you can charge what you like. I charge way way less than churches do, do not have a class or any requirement like they tend to do and make a fair amount of money doing weddings at site of their choosing for an example. There are many things we can do to keep money coming. I just earned 300 in one day the other day on nothing more than general work. Keep in mind, yes, the stamp is at a set rate but in many states you charge other fees of your choosing within reason. I charge a trip fee based on distance and time, and those who do not want to pay it can take themselves to UPS. Not every client will be your client. You are providing a service of convenience. You should not have to compete with ups, you are going to them. When someone gives me flack, I ask them if they feel the could get an uber at the trip rate I charge, the answer is nope not even close. I charge a fair rate and I’m happy to justify it. Keep in mind their will ALWAYS be those that expect your service for practically nothing. Those are not your clients.

PS Clergy can for example charge 400 for themselves then demand a sizable donation like 500-600 to their church. (which if they run thier charch, STILL goes to them) Most ive ever charged for a wedding is 250. That’s a nice payday and a win for everyone.


great info! thanks a lot

In my state the max I can charge is $10 per notarization plus actual mileage of $.59 a mile.

@mmeredith94 I see you must charge mileage “equal to or less than the standard IRS mileage rate” - just so you’re aware so you don’t lose any more money, for the period 7/1/2022 - 12/31/2022, that rate was raised to $0.625/mile.


I do very little GNW that includes mileage but I will definitely start charging the higher per mile rate. Thank you!

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I do a lot of GN work with people at their homes, care centers, hospitals and hospice providers, and they are very, very grateful that I will come to them. In return, I get a warm feeling that I can make things easier for them and their families. My charge is what the state allows, plus a few dollars more to cover gas and time. It’s not a huge money-maker, but the smiles and the stories shared with me are the greatest benefit.

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