How Much Does Your Escrow or Title Company Pay?

I’m taking a poll and would like to hear from notaries in each state who work directly with escrow or title companies. Please do not include SS fees.

Please respond with your state and for the following packages please tell me what is the typical rate that is offered by escrow/title companies in your state and the average size of each package. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Purchaser - Conv
Purchaser - FHA
Purchaser - VA
Refi - Conv
Refi - FHA
Refi - VA
Reverse Mortgage

:cricket::cricket: I’m in WA state and most TCs pay an average of $125-$150 for full purchase/refi and HELOC. Seller packages is lower maybe $75-$100. I haven’t performed loan mods or reverse with a direct yet. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response. Your info will benefit every notary.

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