How much notice is typically given for signings?

How much advance notice do you usually get for jobs, I’ve had 2 offers this week for same day signings, not sure if this is the norm.

Anywhere from a week in advance to only a few hours. Sometimes even ‘as soon as you can get there’.
Most are 1 to 3 days advance notice. Seems to me that some companies are nearly always ‘last minute’ and I have to add that these usually come with a variety of PROBLEMS. I generally turn these down unless they are a really good client as this ‘last minute’ stuff is a good indicator of a very disorganized business and no matter what they agreed to, you end up feeling as tho’ you should have been paid 2 or 3 times what you accepted.


Thank you, that helps a lot to know they’re not all like this.

Typically, the last minute jobs show up at the end of the month (or the last day a loan can be signed and funded by the end of the month). Or, at least it used to be that way. If you’re not comfortable with the short time to accommodate the signing, then turn it down. The more signings you do, the more you’ll be aware of how long it takes to print a loan package on your printer and a general idea of how long it will take to drive to the clients location.

I’ve been in this business for 15 years and no matter what rules they try to implement it will always be a last minute type of Industry. Turning down last minute closings is a bad idea. it may not be perfect but that’s how this industry works.
Always be on call and ready and you’ll increase your business
It’s the nature of the beast get used to it


I am usually get some only with a few hours notice,but if I have time I take them, they usually paid me in two weeks max.