How Sweet It Is!

Yesterday was something else. We get a call from one of our estate attys., but not for POA’s, Wills, Trusts, etc. The call is for a sellers closing. We pick up the paperwork from the attys. office and drive 15 mins. to the client. Very few stamps 3 I think, took 15 mins. Delivered the paperwork back to the office.It was a last minute call and they used us because they knew we were NSA’s and could handle the closing. Ahhh yes. Oh, the charge a sweet $250. Thank you Lord. :pray:

You never know where good relationships can take you.


I just love seeing this! :heart_eyes: Ka-ching, Ka-ching!
Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!

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Don’t you love it!

So what do you think I should do? Walk or Drive? :joy:

And it’s these “4 minute walks, 1 minute drives” where I will do $70 “offered” for a Seller closing all day, every day. It all adds up at the end. Besides, I don’t “charge” anyone for something that wasn’t an expense on my part (gas and mileage in this case). Now if they “offered” me $250 for such a signing, who am I to say no?


Yep, I hear ya.:grin: Although this one is not $70 or $250:) :grin: It’s my normal fee:):blush:


I wish these happened all the time, but alas they don’t. This was so unusual I had to post it. :pray: :blush:

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Yeah building professional relationships with positive experiences by even doing the smallest of general notary work can sometimes bring a hefty reward.
Iv had the situations of helping people with last minute POA’s and basic but important one signature paperwork that end up telling others or others be present seeing how I handle the appointment then reach out to me looking to introduce me to another agent whom could use my service that ends up dropping 2 different partners that were charging them ridiculous amounts and providing horrible service being no shows and messing important contracts up to go through my service.

I offer my quotes for some simpler tasks they were currently needing and immediately after saying the total i get this look from them as they don’t believe me.
I quickly and throughly complete the tasks for them which in this case was printing several packages, meeting with their clients at their residences bringing the paperwork to complete, scan in the packages, email the scanbacks, then take the package and ship to another client. Basic stuff to me.
When I sent the scanbacks I immediately took the package to tender to UPS then sent tracking number in another email including all the parties involved.
Two minutes later I receive a call from the agent who was beyond surprised of the quick turn over and accuracy, telling me their in the process of dropping another service they have been dealing with for six years to send order through me if I was comfortable with the different types of situations they needed help with, I agreed and immediately was asked if there was any chance I could complete a complicated adoption situation at a hospital couple cities away the same night, I said sure then fetched the quote and let her know I didn’t mind doing it but the quote comes out to $750 (this is without discounting or comping any charges) I was about to get speak about discounting the order heavily since it was a bulk order and I was expecting the response of never mind we can find someone who is closer to get it done cheaper, that is before I could mention the discount but before I could even speaking on that she immediately was like that is perfect. If you can get this done tonight it is going to be a complicated situation but we will gladly pay $960 immediately after the tasks are carried out……

I’m thinking WOW… sure enough the situation was much more complicated then I was told lol involving entering the hospital and being met by a sheriff/children and families investigator who was waiting for me that I had no clue about.
At first I wondering what I done got myself into on this one, he ended up being very helpful in this situation though.
After the appointment I let the agent know how the appointment went and that it’s completed and she thanked me and immediately after the call she sent me $1200.
The next morning I wake up and look at my phone and I see $250 sent by same agent whom also thanked me again and another $275 tip by her client she was doing the order for…

I was going to discount the original $750 quote because I was thinking that’s to much to charge for bulk order and nobody was going to pay that. After discount it would have been $580.
Morning after appointment I ended up making $1,725 for that order. Wow such a simple GNW task led to that and even more later on.

Excuse me. I hurt my arm after reading this. I fell on the floor and found it hard to catch my breath.
You restored my faith in humanity.