How to become a notary in multiple bordering states

Hello, I am a new notary and loan signing agent trying to expand my business. I live near two state borders that is within the 60 mile radius of travel for business. How do I become a notary in the bordering states that is within my footprint without being a resident of the state? Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Resident of Southwest Michigan.

You would have to look at the requirements for the two states you’re looking into and see if you can satisfy them. Most states have a residency requirement or a requirement that you maintain a business within their borders.

My suggestion would be for you to

(a) get your notary experience under your belt and get some experience with loan signings in your own state before thinking about expanding - the market is not what it used to be and you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.

(b) contact the SoS of the two other states to find out their notary commission requirements and if allowed to cross borders - keep in mind some states have separate very specific requirements to act as a loan signing agent and you’ll need to be able to satisfy those too.

Good luck