How to become Pavaso RON Certified

I viewed some of the previous posts about this subject which for the most part is a few years old. I also reached out to the SS that I work mostly with and they stated that…“Currently, we do not offer enrollment in the Pavaso RON Certified training program.”

Can someone point me in the right direction or offer any guidance on this subject?

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First I would recommend that you check with your state to make sure you are approved to do RON,
then you look at the list of approved RON providers for your state and select your favorites.
Then you can sign up with those RON providers.

RON is here to stay y’all! I spoke to a lady who is working full time and just got her RON! She is going to do RON on weekends & evenings and keep her full time job! Ok, how cool is that. What a great side income to have woking from home. No driving!

I did that… :slight_smile: . The only reason that i asked is that some of the SS want you to check the box if you are Pavaso Certified. I just cannot find a SS that will help get you certified.

I reached out to Pavaso and they sent me this link information
Notaries – Pavaso, Inc.