How to get in with the Title companies

How does one get more signings directly from title companies…

That isn’t something that can be answered in a few sentences.

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Hello @klewis31975

I’m having a hard time determining if I am being under paid and was wondering if you could give me some insight. I work directly with a title company but they asked me to come in for an hourly rate when regularly I would charge per assignment. How do you know how much to charge at that rate or should it be per signing always? As I establish more business with other title companies I want to make sure I am charging the right amount for my services but I don’t want to scare away or offend them if I state the standard $150 per signing without any regard to their hourly suggestion. I also understand that completing signings at title companies requires no printing and no traveling so I’ve considered that as a possible reason why they are doing an hourly rate…PLEASE HELP.

That is a tough question with no one “right” answer, you are ultimately going to have to decide if what they are offering you is worth it and is not short changing you. You never HAVE to accept any offer from any company.

Some things to take into consideration to help you make your decision are:
**Will you get that hourly rate even if they don’t have the number of signings they expected (there are sometimes last minute cancellations, and if you agree to an hourly rate that gives you a lower fee AND they want to subtract money because of a cancellation that’s not really fair to you)
**Will that hourly rate work out, at minimum, what you would normally make in a day of signings?
**Are they willing to let you “try it out” a few days / times to see if it works out they way they are saying it will, and if not will they be understanding if you go back to charging a per file fee?
**Are they going to expect you to do more than what you are doing now / perform any other duties?
**How much business do you get from them? Do they send you a lot of work or is it just an occasional thing? (For example, I have one title company that I do a lot of work for and they sometimes ask me to stay the whole day and do signings for a flat rate. I end up making less money per file, BUT this company sends me so much high paying business that I don’t mind taking a little less from them occasionally. But, I still end up getting paid more than I would with a signing company and as you mentioned there’s no printing or driving all over town).

Just take your time to think it through and don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarifications! This business requires thoughtful negotiation, don’t allow that to intimidate you! :wink:

I hope that helps!


Wow thank you so much! This is sooo helpful, I will be really asking myself these questions tonight to determine how I would like to move forward. Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain!

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Let me know what you decide to do / how it works out for you!

I’m afraid to ask what they are paying per hour for in-house signings.

LOL! dont ask, I would like to know what to write in a letter to the escrow officers to get business from them at a title company.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: you read my mind, lol

I hope this helps:)

Tip #4 – Use this letter as a frame to build your own words around.

After you start learning more about your targeted audience, try your hand at building a marketing letter. Don’t copy these words verbatim–just use this as a place to start.


Mr. John Smith

Business Title


City, State Zip

Dear ____ & Staff: (1. Your greeting to the professional and staff.)

My name is Sally N. Public and I’m a mobile notary. (2. Introducing yourself.)

I’m in your area quite a bit and noticed your business. (3. Explaining how you got their name.)

I’m reaching out to let you and your staff know about my mobile notary services. I hope that you’ll consider contacting me if you need service type_ — please do not hesitate to give me a call! I also respond to text messages quickly! (4. Let them know you know the type of service you can provide that they need from you here. and 5. State the purpose for your letter. Make it clear that you want that office to CALL you.)

My contact information is below. (5. Provide critical information about how to reach you or give them information about your business.)


Company Name

Address line (Optional)

City, State (Should be included.)

Phone number / calls.

Phone number / text.

Email & website.

Tagline, slogan, etc.

Thank you for your time—please let me know if I can be of service. (6. Close on a happy, upbeat note.)

Best Regards, (7. You need to have a business-like closing to your letter.)

Be sure to sign the letter!

Sally N. Public


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