How to get knowledgeable?

Hey gang!

Total newbie here. I have my notary commission and NNA signing agent background screen completed. I have signed up for a few signing companies but I am still nervous about my lack of knowledge about the process and document terminology.

How did you more experienced signing agents learn? Do clients ask alot of questions?
How did you become familiar with the documents and process?

Hi Chad

I for one was a closing paralegal in CT for 25 years before launching my signing career here in Florida.

First off, you don’t say where you’re from, so where are you located? Are you allowed to do loan signings in your state? Many states are attorney-only and notaries cannot conduct real estate loan signings without an attorney involved.

If you’re in a state that allows it, you need to get some training if you have no idea what a loan package looks like (which is what this sounds like) - do NOT try to mess with peoples’ financial transactions until (a) you have your notary laws down cold, and (b) you’ve gone through a good, comprehensive signing course to get you familiar with the process. Notary2Pro is a good one - they provide good training, post-grad support, AND a list of companies who hire their grads.

Do not cheap out on the training - you have to spend money to make money and good training is not cheap; also, do not fall for those programs that promise you a 6-figure income in your first year - they rarely if ever pan out that way. It’s all location-driven.

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Hey Linda, also thanks for the warning regarding six figure systems. I think I know who youre referring to.

Hi Linda,

I am in Los Angeles, CA. I believe I am allowed to do loan signings here.

I am looking into the Notary2Pro courses. I definitely want to learn about handling the documents during a signing and how to explain things to borrowers.

How long should it take to become familiar with the loan documents?

I have read the notary laws of CA and I believe I am fairly familiar with them. Which parts are the most important? I’ve been concentrating on identification and acknowledgements. Would a course like Notary2Pro help in learning notary law as well?

Thank you so much for your response. I will probably sign up for Notary2Pro this weekend.

Okay, good - yes you’re allowed to do them there; as for your notary laws, they are ALL important and you need to know them cold.

How long to become familiar? That, I’d say, would vary from person to person. Concentrate on getting your name out there advertising for general notary work so you can get used to interactions during notarizing. Keep your state handbook link handy for quick reference - CA has one of the best notary handbooks I’ve ever seen and they diligently update it every year - wish we had that here in Florida.

Notary2Pro will help you with the loan signing/loan documents part of the job - but this career can be very varied and go way outside just loan signings. Keep yourself open to new opportunities and don’t put all your eggs in one basket - diversify.

Good Luck to you

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Excellent advice, Linda. I will definitely give my notary handbook a rereading. Also, I look forward to getting some training, probably at Notary2Pro.
Most of these signing agent trainers tend to overlook the importance of the actual document signing and instead focus on the customer service aspect of etiquette, punctuality, friendliness, etc. when selling their services. So I falsely assumed that the documents were the easy part. Then I saw an actual example of a refinance package and immediately got intimidated by how much I didnt understand.

Thanks so much for your help! Hopefully some other beginners can use this thread as a starting point too.

I became a notary public when I was 48 years old. By then I had purchased and re-financed several homes. I had also been in insurance sales for 15 years prior. I recruited and trained my sub agents for years. A “kitchen table” presentation is taught to all insurance agents and it must be mastered to be successful. Coincidentally that same skill must be mastered to be a successful loan signer. For those with similar backgrounds to mine, loan signing is a natural fit but for others it could be pretty frustrating.

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Chad, I too recommend Notary to Pro and Caro Ray as well, The course is excellent, thorough and not as dry as many other courses, as LindaH noted there is also a lot of resources once you graduate as well. You can call from the table if you have a question or need some advice. Also, you just need to get experience from doing the work, but it is helpful to have someone to call for guidance.

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Hey Chad! I recommend getting trained. I know 3 that I would vouch for, that is Texas Notary Public Training Academy if youre in texas, the only one I know that is state specific, then there’s Sign & Thrive with Bill Soroka, he also has a book that is AWESOME!, and there is Notary2Pro with Carol Ray. If you take any of these I know that you will be successful. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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That’s incorrect many states are not attorney only! Only a few states are!

Okay…SOME states … jeez