How to get more work

I’ve been doing Mobile notary for over a year. I am part of a few platform’s, but always seem to not get picked for the closings. My rankings are high and 5 stars, but not sure why I am not getting any closings.

Are there secrets that I dont know about, maybe going to other companies, sending out emails, reaching out to Title companies???
Some weeks I am slammed, other weeks, I have none…
Just want to make more money, and need help where to go.

Thanks for your time

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Aren’t there a lot of people that have high rating and experience too?

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Dude if you don’t have anything productive to add to these discussions, why respond? Just because things may not be working out for you does not mean it is not working out for others. In my opinion, you’ve been condescending on many posts.

I’m not attacking you personally, I’m just bringing awareness to the way you have been communicating with people seeking guidance


How do you know if things are or are not working out for me? I asked a simple question regarding her post which I don’t consider to be in bad taste.

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I am a new notary signing agent but i have had 4 years of experience as a notary. I found that when i first started i was getting notifications but not being chosen. What I did was tweaked my profile information a few times till i believe i found the magic key words that stood out. I also upgraded my E & O to $100k.

This is a sample of my profile info i use… Now some SS have limited word count so i try to highlight as much of this information as i can.

"I have over 18 years of experience in the financial service, insurance, and investment industry, where I notarized over 200 plus documents for private banking clients, including HELOC and refinance packages. I carry the state-required $5,000 Surety Bond and $100,000.00 Errors & Omissions insurance. I service Yuma County, Arizona, and the surrounding areas Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (PST). Zip Codes: 85333, 85347, 85350, 85356, 85364, 85365, 85367, 85336, 85349, 85352, 85366, 85369.

I leverage my experiences as a Legal Admin Assistant for a Real Estate Attorney, where my primary duty included printing, preparing, and presenting closing documents for a variety of residential and commercial buy and sell real estate transactions. I am Arizona State Commissioned, National Notary Association Certified, a Member of the American Association of Notaries, and a Certified Mortgage Field Inspector.

In addition, my Certified Mortgage Loan Processor training from the Capstone Institute of Mortgage and Finance gives me a unique advantage in understanding compliance-related policies and procedures, Conventional Loans, FHA, and VA Loan document requirements."


I hear this question a lot and what has worked for me is this: when a signing company sends out a text for an opportunity, immediately look up their number and call them! Ask for scheduling and ask for the job! This works more often than you would think and allows you to showcase your work to new companies. Oftentimes they will not let you through to scheduling, but many times they will.


OMG!!! That totally worked. I accepted a snapdocs appointment and saw that it was literally in my backyard. I called the scheduling department immediately and spoke to them and they assigned me the signing… I’m going to do that moving forward. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this advice…

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That’s wonderful!! Congrats!

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I appreciate it.

How do you see your ranking?

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