How to get your 1st Signing


I have been a notary for years in California but recently decided to take the NNA course for Loan Signing. I received my certification and purchased errors and omissions insurance. I registered with Notary Café, Snap Docs and X Marks the Spot but have not received any calls, email or texts.

What am I doing incorrectly? I am excited to put my certification to work.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Good start. Just be patient. And you do need to ‘sign-up’ with WAAAAY MORE than one company. Signing up with every good co. you find will keep you very busy until your first call comes in. Then, don’t take a dime less than $100 (or more–and add more for faxbacks, high mileage travel).


Hi i am in your boat at the moment. i just completed my NNA course for loan signing. Insurance and bond are all done. I have registered with snapdocs and a few others but i havent heard from any yet. Please help me and share your experience as i want to put my certification to work.

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you


Signed up with 1, 2 or a few more. I’m ‘signed up’ with over 300. Get busy finding and signing up with these and you’ll find your first signing will come much faster. A few hints: Do NOT sign up with most directories as there are only a few that actually provide any business. This is one. Do NOT pay to play. In between marketing, DO your homework and figure out what YOUR expenses are to go to the various locations (city, county, zip–whatever works best for you) so you will know what a PROFITABLE fee is. Never, ever accept less. Last, don’t give up your day job.

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I am kind of in your boat, I am not certified. I was contacted by a company today for a possible closing, I informed them I was not certified, but am capable of notarizing loans. When asked what my fee would be, I quoted $100.00.

I am also a newbie. I have signed up with may companies and no luck yet. However, I am a persistent little thing. I WILL get my first signing. :slight_smile: Don’t get down and don’t give up. I am part time on off hours (mostly) so that complicates things. Good luck to you. I hope all newbies will share their first experience here to maybe help others get going.

Great advice, I will take it. Didn’t mean to withdraw 1st post.

I am a newly certified signing agent in Texas and have signed up with a couple of companies and I am determined not to fail at this so hopefully I will receive my first signing soon.

I too have been a NNA certified signing agent in California since November 2018. I have signed up with the same companies listed in the previous posts and have yet to receive a single signing.

Any suggestions as to what the “good companies” are?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!