How to handle both sides of a purchase transaction

I’m comfortable with both the buyer’s and seller’s documentation, but it’s been a while since I’ve been at the settlement table for a purchase transaction and I’ve never been there as the NSA. How should the flow of the settlement take place? Does the seller sign first, second? Do the realtors typically prefer to go over the charges with their client or does the NSA handle it? Advice most welcome!

When I did these where everyone was present in the same room, the title officer or realtor let me lead the show. Out of privacy I had both sides review and sign the HUD (yes it’s been a bit since I did a signing - no CD, we used the HUD) - anyway - I’d have both buyers and sellers review and sign the HUD…then have Seller sign their documents, then have title officer or realtor take sellers to another room so I could get loan docs signed in private. Buyer’s loan docs and loan arrangements are none of Seller’s business

Since we’re a table funded state in Florida, once the loan docs were signed and disbursement was approved by lender everyone got back together for the congrats, handover the keys and pop the champagne.

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While I prefer handling it as Linda outlined, sometimes I find that the Realtor wants to do it…and that’s fine with me, too. Whatever keeps the closing moving along… There is not much worse than a Realtor who insists upon re-explaining what you’ve just said… so let 'em sparkle and shine and sit back and enjoy the show.

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Isn’t that the truth? My question stems from a signing I had the other night where a friend of the signer (seller’s package only) who was a realtor came to help her understand the documents. I let her run the show because it was clear that she would have done exactly what you’re describing. Gotta love realtors :slight_smile:

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Well, by the time it gets to us, that Realtor probably has 40 hours into the deal and has earned the signer’s trust. Whereas, we’ve gotten into it anywhere from a few hours to a day or so ago. So, just be a notary and all is well. We get paid either way.